XSLT: Dynamic node name insertion based on template parameter

I am trying to generate the following structure in an XSLT template.

<ns:e1> <child1>some value<child1> <child2>some value<child2> <child3>some value<child3> </ns:e1>


<ns:e2> <child1>some value<child1> <child2>some value<child2> <child3>some value<child3> </ns:e2>

or other elements ns:e3 etc (although finite), based on a template parameter (say type). Typically I could use an xls:choose construct. In such a case, I would be duplicating the child elements (whose values are also template parameters).

Is there a way in XSLT to dynamically assume the element name ns:e1 or ns:e2 so that I can put the child elements once in its parent. I could save maintenance effort later if I have change the child elements or values (change once in one place and avoid bugs due to human errors).

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Yes, you may use the xsl:element instruction to do that.

Assuming you always want to have <child1>some value<child1><child2>some value<child2><child3>some value<child3> as children for your parent element, you could rewrite your code like so:

<xsl:variable name="elementName">
<!-- compute the element name here ... -->

<!-- Here we create an element having the name computed in variable elementName -->
<xsl:element name="{$elementName}" namespace="http://www.anamespace.com/and/so/on">
<child1>some value<child1>
<child2>some value<child2>
<child3>some value<child3>

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