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Can anyone explain me how does Apache Solr works. I know how to create Solr instances and how to deploy that to Jetty and Tomcat. But under the hood How does Apache Solr works as it is a search library. So if I am searching anything from the interface of Apache Solr


so we get some result back. So what happens under the hood. How Solr searching works? I hope questions is clear enough. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Well if you want to checkout how Solr work which includes what all it do once you hit the search button Than the best way to to start learning Lucene.Solr is a wrapper around Lucene with some added functionality to make its user interface more easy to work with.

You need to know various things

  1. How Solr/Lucene index data
  2. How it parse the data. there are lot of Data handler for this.
  3. How it read the query entered by the user.

I suggest you to go through Lucene wiki page and its various documents Apache Lucene

once you are familiar with that download the source code, peek inside it how they are doing the things. else if you have specific question about specific functionality better ask that question

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