Will this regex patterns catch all the needed SQL injections?

We changed our firewall rules (REGEX) to the following:

Name Type Context Severity Pattern CS:select_into signature http-url critical .*\[select\]\s+.*\[into\].* CS:select_from signature http-url critical .*\[select\]\s+.*\[from\].* CS:insert_into signature http-url critical .*\[insert\]\s+.*\[into\].* CS:drop_database signature http-url critical .*\[drop\]\s+.*\[database\].* CS:drop_table signature http-url critical .*\[drop\]\s+.*\[table\].* CS:delete_from signature http-url critical .*\[delete\]\s+.*\[from\].* CS:drop_view signature http-url critical .*\[drop\]\s+.*\[view\].* CS:exec signature http-url critical .*\[exec\].*(%28|\().*(%29|\)).* CS:update_set signature http-url critical .*\[update\](%20|\+)(%20|\+|.)*\[set\].*

Will this block all SQL injection attempts? For example, is it possible to drop a view using multiple spaces?

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A blacklist is the wrong approach. There will always be things you haven't thought of, which the attacker will think of.

What programming language / database are you using? They all have methods of passing parameters to SQL statements. For example:

String userName = .... ; // from your GET or POST parameter
String sql = "SELECT id FROM user where user_name=?";
ResultSet rs = executeSql(sql, userName);

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection#Parameterized_statements

Trying to prevent sql injection by filtering out certain words is not going to work - there will always be something you miss and will be very time consuming to try and find everything to cover.

You should look at things like how you query the database - if you're building SQL on the fly and concatenating values from the client directly into the statement, then that's going to be an important area to focus on - switch to using parameterised SQL / stored procedures. Stored procedures will also give you an added layer of security as you can grant permissions to execute those without giving direct permissions on the underlying tables.

You should make sure that any SQL is only executed via a limited privileges account that has no permissions except those the app explicitly needs, rather than attempt to catch every possible permutation of hostile SQL.

You shouldn't use regex for input filtering.

You should filter your input one by one before you give them to the sql server.

If you insert a string (or anything wich is between apostrophes in the sql statement) you should use your sql server's escape function, wich will prevent any attacks there.

If your data is some type of number (integer or float) then you should check if the data is really a number (you can't do sql injection without letters). The best way to do this depends on the programming language you use, but mostly type checks, or forced typecastings.

You should never insert any untrusted(anything is from a user is untrusted) string-like data into an sql statemen, where you can't place apostrophes around it, like for a table or a column name.

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