wikiprep MediaWiki::DumpFile namespace

I am trying to use wikiprep with support of MediaWiki::DumpFile to parse wikipedia dump.

The problem is it doesn't work.

wikiprep -format composite -compress -f enwiki.xml.0001.gz Can't locate object method "namespaces" via package "MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages" at /usr/local/share/perl5/MediaWiki/DumpFile/ line 148.

But I do have namespaces.

... <siteinfo> <sitename>Wikipedia</sitename> <dbname>enwiki</dbname> <base></base> <generator>MediaWiki 1.25wmf23</generator> <case>first-letter</case> <namespaces> <namespace key="-2" case="first-letter">Media</namespace> ...

I don't understand how to run this parser.

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