Why IE9 still ask to install an add-ons which has been permanently disabled ?

Status of a specifif add-ons shows "DISABLED" from Tools, Manage add-ons but IE9 still ask to install the mentioned add-ons.

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Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community forums.

From the problem description, I see that you get prompt to install a add-on which is permanently disabled on the computer.

I can imagine the inconvenience you have experienced. We are here to help and guide you in the right direction.

Provide us few more information to understand the issue better.

1. Did you permanently disabled the particular add-on or it got disabled automatically?

2. What is the name of the add-on?

3. When exactly you get prompt to install add-on?

This issue may occur if you access a website that needs that particular add-on to work properly.

If the add-on was automatically disabled you may try enabling it.

How to manage add-ons in Internet Explorer 9

Refer to the links for additional information.

How do browser add-ons affect my computer?

Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions

Let us know the status of the issue after performing the troubleshooting steps. If you need any further assistance or information about Windows, I will be glad to help you. We, at Microsoft strive towards excellence.

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