Why don't Excel 2007 spreadsheets automatically update the links from other spreadsheets anymore?

This program worked great in XP but now that I "upgraded" to Win7 they don't work like they did in XP. I use Excel 2007. I have a pricing spreadsheet that's linked to a database on another spreadsheet. It used to automatically update when I opened the pricing spreadsheet using XP and continuously while I used it but now in Win7 the Edit Links box comes up when I open it and I have to manually hit the update values button. Then I have to manually do that again when entering certain cells that would have automatically loaded the info in XP (there's no rhyme or reason to which cells do and don't update, it automatically loads sometimes in some cells and at other times comes up with a N/A message in the cell).

Also, at times I need to open the database ss while running the pricing ss. In that case it refuses to update unless I close the database.

Is this a permanent issue or is there something I can change?

Notes: Yes, I have the settings in the Excel Options boxes correctly set for automatic updates. Also, there are no issues with circular references.

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This may happen if the links were damaged when you upgraded from XP to Win 7.

You may repair the pricing spreadsheet using the Open & Repair option and check if that helps.

a. Close both the pricing file and the database file.

b. Open Excel and click on the Office button.

c. Click on Open, then browse & select the pricing file.

d. Now click the drop down menu and select Open & Repair at the bottom right corner.

Note: Save a backup copy of the pricing file before you perform the repair.

If the repair doesn’t help, then you may remove and reinsert the links and check if that resolves the issue.

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