Which Google Maps API to use for the creation of a real time map?

I am working on a mobile application(android) in which users will be able to see the position of other users on the map, the speed they are moving at and a few other things. My idea is to create an MySQL database table where a new field will be created when the user uses the application and then pass the information from the database to a Google Map using this PHP/XML method. My questions are:

1) Is it technically possible to add and delete elements from a table in realtime? If yes, how to do it then? If no, what else should I try?

2)How can I make the Google Map to auto-refresh every 2 minutes with the new information added?

P.S: I am pretty new to the programming world so if my questions are "silly" I apologize. If you have any other methods/ideas to suggest me I would be eager to listen.

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