Where do i find a receipt for Behance/ProSite subscription?


i understand that Behance is now part of CreativeCloud, which i subscribed to since November 2013.
However on the 20th of February 2014 Behance billed 99 $ on my Credit Card.
Now i want to find the receipt for that payment for my tax,

but it is nowhere to be found. Behance Support leads me in cycles, telling me where to find an overview of my (CC) subscriptions and billing history,

which i find, only it doesn't mention any payments to Behance...

So, where exactly can i find a receipt for that payment?
(and why was it billed anyway when Behance is part of CC??)

Thank you for your help,

with best regards


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Hi Stefan,

Sorry for the delay. Since you have a paid Creative Cloud account, you're getting ProSite for free! You shouldn't have been charged by us, and I don't see a record of that anywhere. I'm going to follow-up with you privately about this so we can look into the charge you're noticing.


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