Whenever my MIL opens IE9 the "Manage add-ons" window opens

Whenever my MIL opens IE9 (OS is 7), the "Manage add-ons" window opens. I am not able to discover how to keep it from doing that. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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If the Command Bar is not enabled... Alt+Type VTC then Alt+ type OTD

If you do have the Command bar already in your view Alt+ Type OTD

Increase the alert timing from 0.20 to 2.50 on the bottom, save.

thanks for the answer.

Your welcome and thanks for the update,


That doesn't seem to be the problem. It has to do with bing. Even after completing an "uninstall" of the toolbar, that box still pops up showing the bing bar add on. Changing times does not rectify the situation of the box popping up.

Windows snipping tool,
Refer to this thread on how to make a public folder and submit screen shot here,

You can also refer to this for the new format in skydrive,


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