What’s the best way to automatically update dimensions on a drawing image imported from a jpg to Excel 2003 Spreadsheet

I have a product drawing that’s saved as a jpg and will insert it into my spreadsheet. I want to be able to automatically update certain dimensions (e.g. length, width and height of product) based on values in my spreadsheet. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

I’ll have a form where the user specifies certain parameters of the product including length width and height and these values will be saved in my spreadsheet by customer. Depending on which customer is selected, I’d like to display dimensions on my product drawing image for that customer. I wanted to place text boxes with this data on my product drawing picture but Excel only allows text boxes on forms, right?

Keep in mind I'm not trying to change the height of the picture. The picture should stay fixed. I want to change the value of a dimension that's displayed on the picture. So if cell A1 has 31" for the height, I want to show the value 31" on my picture where the height dimension is shown (i.e. picture is in background & 31" value is in the foreground). This applies to the other dimension values as well.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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I would just place a textbox on top of the picture, set the formula of the textbox to reference the cell and group the textbox and picture together to hold the textbox in place.

The following macro is an example

Sub Test2()
Dim P As Picture
Dim TB As TextBox
Set P = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("C:\Temp\eg4.jpg")
Set TB = ActiveSheet.TextBoxes.Add(P.Left + 20, P.Top + 20, 40, 15)
TB.Interior.ColorIndex = 2
TB.Font.Size = 8
ActiveSheet.Range("A1") = "20cm"
TB.Formula = "='" & ActiveSheet.Name & "'!$A$1"
TB.Select Replace:=False
End Sub

Thanks Bill, that's what I needed to know!


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