What is causing this difference between my Ruby on Rails console output and my Firebug console output when using a Ruby date object?

Can anyone explain the difference between the Ruby on Rails console output and the Firebug console output?


def list_events @days[1][:date] = (((Date.new(2010, 8, 6)) + 1).to_s) end


<% @days.each_with_index do |day, i| %> <% p day[:date] %>; //RoR console console.log(<%= day[:date] %>); //Firebug console <% end %>

Ruby on Rails console output:


Firebug console output:


-------------Problems Reply------------

The JavaScript statement that is actually being executed is this:


—This is evaluated as 2010 minus 8 minus 7, which equals...1995! You have to make sure that the console log statement receives a string. Try this instead:

console.log("<%= day[:date] %>");

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