what are some reliable add-ons for powerpoint, for transitions and video/text?

I purchased an add-on by Chrystal graphics for some new transitions and for the abilty to use text over video. It only works occassionallly and when it does, it deleted other text, rather strange, but when you are live, it is not acceptable! So, are there other microsoft add-ons or recommended add-ons for these purposes for PowerPoint?

Thank you!

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You might want to try out my Animations add-in from http://www.officeoneonline.com/anims/anims.html and see if its new animation effects help you. It uses PowerPoint's native animation engine and doesn't require any external player to play the animations. You can play those animations in PowerPoint Viewer as well.

- Chirag

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If you are using this professionally (and have a decent budget!) OfficeFX Presenter is worth a trial.

A better option is to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010. It now has many of the 3D transitions and Video text features that were only available through 3rd party add-ins.

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