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Slow response to Internet connection on initial PC boot up. My ISP requested I run Command >Netstat and check how many 'Established' active connections were shown. There were 24 and my ISP said there should be less than 10 even though nothing else was running except IE11. He asked what my security programs were that run in the background. I said MSE and Trusteer Rapport. He said disable them and run >Netstat again. I did and the same number of 'Established' active connections were shown. I have been assured by MSE and Trusteer Rapport that running these programs 'live' on Windows7/IE11 do not interfere with establishing initial Internet connection. I confirmed with my ISP that my router is hard wired by Ethernet cable (not wireless) but could offer no other comments regarding the excessive number of 'Established active connections. Although I am 'running' OK, I am interested as to why the discrepancy in these connections appear.

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disable them and run >Netstat again.

It was a good idea if there is a proxy involved but disabling them does not remove the proxy. This symptom is often seen by AVG users with their LinkScan feature. They need to uninstall and reconfigure, not just disable. Also, in W7 you aren't restricted to using netstat for such a diagnostic. Use ResMon.exe for its Network tab, for example.

However, since this is boot time problem I think I would try using ProcMon for its Boot Logging option instead. Another boot time diagnostic is xbootmgr. Or is the "slow response" concerning something that you are doing just after the boot? In that case NetMon (or WireShark) might be a better choice of tool. In fact, with IE11 you might even get enough clues from just using the Developer Tools.


Robert Aldwinckle

Thanks for your response. I am not computer literate, so I will go along with my waiting times, whatever the causes. Thank you again.

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