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Just a heads up I have been writing PHP now for about 3 days. I am having trouble with a query. When I run the query in the query tool it finds exactly what I am looking for. I have tried every variation of syntax I can think of from using LIKE (how it is right now) and = and i cannot get it to work. I am sure there is a simpler way to do the rest of the code but my main concern right now is the query. Thanks for all the help.

$Incident_D = $_POST['Incident_D']; $Incident_D = strtotime($Incident_D); $Incident_T = $_POST['Incident_T']; $Incident_T = strtotime($Incident_T); $Incident_T = ($Incident_T % 86400); $Incident_DT = $Incident_D + $Incident_T; $sql = "SELECT dept.Department From department dept inner join near_miss NM on dept.Dept_Index = NM.Dept_Index Where NM.Incident_DT LIKE '%" . $Incident_DT . "%'"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql); if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { // output data of each row while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $result1 = $row['Department']; } } else { $result1 = "No Response"; } $result = $result1;

If i manually type in the value for $Incident_DT it is able to find it. This is why I think the problem is in how the value is being stored in $Incident_DT. also when I echo the value for the variable and paste it into the query tool it works.

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$sql = "SELECT dept.Department From `department` dept inner join near_miss NM on dept.Dept_Index = NM.Dept_Index Where NM.Incident_DT LIKE '%" . $Incident_DT . "%'";

The back tick is necessary for PHP on the TABLENAME.

Try this:

declare a new variable with value:



$sql = "SELECT dept.Department From department dept inner join near_miss NM
on dept.Dept_Index = NM.Dept_Index Where NM.Incident_DT LIKE '$filter_var'";

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