using RESTlet, XStream annotations seem to have no effect

Using @XStreamOmitField in my POJO seems to have no effect whatsoever. the annotated field still gets exposed in the xml or json representation.

@XStreamAlias("Pojo") @Entity public class Pojo { private String name; @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY) private Long key; @XStreamOmitField private String hidden; public Pojo(String name, String hidden) { = name; this.hidden = hidden; } }

and in the ServerResource

@Get public Pojo test() { Pojo pj= new Pojo("hansi","hinter"); return pj; }

gets me

<com.myComp.ORMTest.Pojo> <name>hansi</name> <hidden>hinter</hidden> </com.myComp.ORMTest.Pojo>

Any ideas why the annotations are ignored?

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You have to tell XStream to explicitly process annotations:

XStream xstream = new XStream();

Or, you should add this code to tell XStream to process all annotations:


Two things come to mind:

1.) Did you tell XStream to parse the annotations?

2.) Does your web framework maybe use proxies to access the pojos and those don't delegate the annotations? (happened to a friend with Apache Tapestry)

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