Use of "Single" in Dynamic Linq

I am trying to convert a Linq query that I have working in Linq to be able to work in dynamic linq (using System.Linq.Dynamic) because I want a user to be able to form their own queries and this query string would be added onto other query strings at runtime.

I have a query:

db.incidents.Where(a => a.incidentLocations.Single().location.street.Contains(location);

and I have tried to convert it to the following dynamic linq string:

query = string.Concat("incidentLocations.Single().location.street.Contains(\"", location, "\")"); db.incidents.Where(query);

Where location is a string that includes search text.

I have managed to convert all my other queries to dynamic linq but this one i am struggling with the exception error:

"No applicable aggregate method 'Single' exists"

I understand that dynamic linq does not support all extension methods, could someone possibly tell me how I could get round this problem.

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Get the source of Linq.Dynamic, copy paste the Where method, change the signature and the string with the function name inside the method and you're good to go. I did it to add Single First etc, I can't copy it here because I'm not on my dev machine but I'll do it later if necessary ;)

EDIT: here's the Single method if you decide to use it:

public static object Single(this IQueryable source)
if (source == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("source");
return source.Provider.Execute(
typeof(Queryable), "Single",
new Type[] { source.ElementType },

Sorry to digg up a very old thread, but I thought I could add somevaluable information!

I had to do this for First()/FirstOrDefault() with Linq to Entities instead of your Linq to SQL and I can confirm @Guillaume86 's solution sure works!

Here's how I modified MicrosoftDynamic.sql: I added this inside the static DynamicQueryable class:

public static object FirstOrDefault(this IQueryable source)
if (source == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("source");
return source.Provider.Execute(
typeof(Queryable), "FirstOrDefault ",
new Type[] { source.ElementType },

I also modified interface IEnumerableSignatures as

void FirstOrDefault();

(I used FirstOrDefault because First() isn't supported when it's not the last call in linq to entities)

You can repeat this for any supported function :)

Have you tried this?


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