Unit test that aspx pages get routed correctly?

I have a hybrid ASP.NET MVC application, and I'd like to test that the route table properly allows my .aspx pages to be loaded. In particular I'm interested in making sure that the root of my site goes to index.aspx, not to a controller.

Update: You can test for the Ignored paths in the routing table. However, this doesn't test for the route on the root if you haven't provided a default controller. The routeData comes out null.

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MvcContrib has a RouteTestingExtensions class in their TestHelper. This is how I test routes. The tests end up looking like this:

"~/computer-accessories/".ShouldMapTo<CategoryController>(x => x.Accessories());

You could try Phil Haack's route debugger, although what Craig said is correct.

Well that's easy. Root always goes to Default.aspx, even in "pure" MVC. MVC apps have a special Default.aspx to reroute to Home/Index. Yours will be a real page, instead.

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