Unable to download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems

Currently running Internet Explorer 10 on a 64-bit Windows Home Premium Operating System with no difficulties, I have tried several times today to download Internet Explorer 11 without success.

After the automatic download creates a Restore Point, this 53 MB file begins downloading for several seconds only to fail for no apparent reason after reaching about 75% of the green status bar. Failure code revealed is 9C47 which when deciphered doesn't tell me exactly why this occurred .

I have implemented certain Microsoft Help advice and deleted all temporary files stored under filepath C:\Windows\Software Distribution\DataStore in advance of trying to successfully download Internet Explorer 11 one last time only to have it fail again.

Can anyone suggest how I can successfully download this update? I've never experienced this problem before and have the latest Norton Internet Security anti-virus protection keeping my laptop trouble free.

Many thanks to anyone who can suggest a practical solution to me.


Robert Downey

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See if anything here helps.



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