Unable to disable layer animation - Revolution Slider

Could you please let me know how to disable layer animation? I have selected "Fade" for the "Start Transition", and enter the number "0" for the "Start Duration". These settings are working fine in Firefox but isn't working for Chrome browser. Please let me know.

Revolution Slider version - 4.6.5 Rocco theme version - 1.3

-------------Problems Reply------------

The next settings for me have worked: Go to "Edit slides":

  • General setting: Transitions: no transitions, Rotation: 0, Transition Duration: 0, Delay: empty.
  • Layers timing & sorting: Start: 0, End: 9000 - for all layers.
  • Layer animation -> Start transition: Start duration: 0, Split delay: 0 - for all layers.

Or you can create a static slide like this Unable to disable layer animation - Revolution Slider

to stop the animation

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