UISplitViewController: how do I assign split view controller as delegate for master/detail controllers embedded in navigation controllers?

For the app I’m currently building, a main view controller owns a UITableViewController and a UIPageViewController. Communication is fairly straightforward, because the main view controller is assigned as the delegate for each of these, and handles high-level app logic for them (responding to changes etc.).

I’m looking at transitioning to a UISplitViewController, because really, the interaction between the table view controller and the page view controller is similar to the master/detail model.

From what I’ve read, the master and detail view controllers need to be embedded in a navigation controller in the storyboard (http://nshipster.com/uisplitviewcontroller/). I’m still getting used to storyboards.

How do I assign the split view controller as the delegate for the table view controller and page view controller, considering that they are each embedded in a navigation controller?

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