Turn off indexing on netbeans

I use Netbeans mainly for PHP.

When Setbeans starts, it always indexes all the files of all the projects I have on my list. This can take over half an hour in my case, since I have some very large websites open.

It got better in 6.7, 10 minutes at most, but still a waste of time.

Still, I'd like to turn off the indexing completely.

Netbeans has so much options, I can't see the forest for the trees.

Can anybody tell me if this is possible with a setting? Or do I need to compile Netbeans myself with an option turned off?

I'm working on Windows Vista.

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well known problem, final solution not yet available, but maybe a work-a-round for you ....

see this plugin which stops automatic scans and adds a RefreshAll option to the Files menu. There's a risk to get your indexes out of sync, so use it with care. It worked for me.

Good luck MikeD

Mhhh I don't find exactly something like that but try this:

Go to Tools > Options > Editor and disable all the options in Code Completion and Hints

I suppose if you don't have Code Completion and Hints enabled Nebeans must disable indexing at start...

Also you can try closing all the projects (or some of them) when you exit.

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