Tried http post doesn't work

I wanted to try the example here

print read/custom reduce ['POST {text=REBOL+Rules&lp=en_fr}]

Since the page has changed since I modified it to

write clipboard:// read/custom reduce ['POST {trtext=hello+world&lp=en_fr&btnTrTxt=Translate}]

It does return an html page but it doesn't contain any translation. What did I miss thanks ?

-------------Problems Reply------------

There are a lot of hidden variables which you haven't included ...

<input type=hidden name="ei" value="UTF-8">
<input type=hidden name=doit value="done">
<input type=hidden name=fr value="bf-home">
<input type=hidden name=intl value="1">
<input type=hidden name=tt value="urltext" >

POST with Rebol works, so my guess is that the babelfish page has become more complicated in the time since the writing of the tutorial.

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