Testing Oracle DB table structure with Spring-Java

Im connecting to an external database wich im not able to populate with testdata to do a proper integration test suite for my DAO on. As an alternative I would like to test the structure of the tables. For example that the tables im using has columns with certain names and types. How is this possible with Java/Spring?

In Oracle SQL Developer I can use desc <tableName>; to get what I want, is there someting smilar i can do from Spring?

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You can use the DatabaseMetaData, see here for some inspiration (and test case here)

You can also use dbms_metadata package(unless you're on XE release). This will either return DDL for a database object either as SQL script or as XML formatted string.

It's a way how SQLDeveloper reverse engineers object definitions. AFAIK you have to use database dependent approach for this.

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