• Edit action in Yii framework 2017-07-07

    I am working on a web application that allow users to have video conferences. Users are allowed to create video conferences and I want them to be able to also edit the scheduled video conferences but I am having trouble implementing that. Please help

    Tags: php, ajax, yii
  • PHP - BLENC extension - Yii Framework 2017-05-24

    I am trying to protect some piece of code of my web system application. For this pourpouse, I am trying to use the BLENC extension for PHP. The reason: Because the client demands it, so please dont mix the topic. The Problem: It results that the BLEN

    Tags: frameworks, php, protect, yii, blenc
  • Yii behaviors won't save data 2016-11-22

    I'm trying to save relations in third table 'Relations'. Here's code: Controller save action: $relations = $_POST['VideoCaptions']['countries']; $model->attachBehavior('ManyToManyRelationBehavior', array( 'class' => 'ManyToManyRelationBehavior', 'mo

    Tags: php, many to many, behavior, yii
  • how to update a YII extension(yii2-fullcalendar) 2015-11-30

    I have installed yii2-full calendar extension but it is not the latest version and installed the old version. Now I want to update it to the latest version2.3.0 using composer but not able to get success. The new version is available as .zip but ther

    Tags: php, yii, yii extensions, composer php, yii2
  • Yii: How to define parent object to related childs? 2015-10-10

    2 Tables: threads and comments (e.g.) => Thread & Comment models Thread.php public function relations() { return array( 'comments'=>array(self::HAS_MANY, 'Comment', 'thread_id'), ); } How to define property parent Thread object for each comment

    Tags: php, parent, relation, yii
  • YII 1 grid search is not working 2015-03-17

    I am beginner in YII 1 and i am trying to use grid search in my YII application but my grid search is not working.Please help me. Thanks in advance. viewSurveyList.php <?php $this->pageTitle=Yii::app()->name . ' - Survey Data'; ?> <div

    Tags: php, yii
  • RESTful expand by default 2015-03-17

    How can I return model relations without adding expand parameter in url? I tried add some code in model public function fields() { $fields = parent::fields(); $fields['profile'] = $this->profile; return $fields; } But i am getting the error: call_

    Tags: yii, yii2
  • Add CJuiAutocomplete in gridview row dymamically through js 2015-03-17

    Hi i am trying to create custom widget for my project. The widget includes program name and program type. For field type i have used CJuiAutoComplete. Here is my code! $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array( 'dataProvider' => $this-

    Tags: php, jquery, gridview, autocomplete, yii
  • Yii2 execution time (total time for serving the current request) 2015-03-17

    What is the equivalent of method Yii::getLogger()->getExecutionTime() in Yii2, that present the total time for serving the current request? --------------Solutions------------- You should simply use : Yii::getLogger()->getElapsedTime(); Read mo

    Tags: yii, yii2
  • Access advanced search result 2015-03-17

    I am building a Yii application and I followed a tutorial to enable the Advanced search in the index file of a table like this: <?php /* @var $this TakeController */ /* @var $dataProvider CActiveDataProvider */ $this->breadcrumbs=array( 'Takes'

    Tags: yii
  • Can't update image in yii project 2015-03-13

    I would like to upload an image and save the image name in database. I can create it and everything is ok, but update has problems. If i update the $model->img (image) value will be blank in db. This is my model rules: array('img', 'file','types'=

    Tags: php, yii
  • Strange variable overwrite in foreach loop 2015-03-13

    This must be something ugly obvious, but I'm stucked on this and can't solve it for past two hours. I have this piece of code: foreach($idMap as $menuId=>$pageId) { echo('$this->update("menus_items", SET "link = /content/show?id='.$pageId.'" WH

    Tags: php, sql update, foreach, yii
  • Setting aliases in Yii2 within the app config file 2015-03-01

    I'm trying to set an alias in Yii2 but I'm getting a Invalid Parameter / Invalid path alias for the below code that is placed in the app config file: 'aliases' => [ // Set the editor language dir '@editor_lang_dir' => '@webroot/scripts/sceditor

    Tags: php, yii, yii2
  • Yii URLpath Customization for REST API 2015-02-09

    I am working on YII (1.x) REST API. I want to update URL according to following format GET api/user => Should return list of User GET api/user/$id => Should return one USER with provided ID DELETE api/user/$id => Should delete respective use

    Tags: php, rest, url, yii
  • Yii 2 used with AngularJS 2015-01-26

    any experience with using AngularJS with the Yii Framework (best would be version 2)? I am searching for some plugin or similar which would help me easily integrate AngularJS into Yii to work nicely together. Is it easily possible, or is it too much

    Tags: php, yii, angularjs, yii extensions, yii2
  • Yii many to many, junction table object graph 2015-01-21

    I am taking a Java app and moving it to php. I am experienced in java and used hibernate for the ORM solution. I have an existing data model to use and am implementing it in Yii. I need help. I have many-to-many relationships. diet -> dietmeal

    Tags: php, mysql, join, yii, junction
  • Yii framework - using FancyBox dialog if action redirects for signing in

    Yii framework - using FancyBox dialog if action redirects for signing in 2015-01-19

    I have a CGridView listing resources, which can be accessed by selecting the hyper-linked cell of a row ('Enrol' in the image attached below). Since the corresponding action is allowed for '@' users, the logged-in users get the view immediately, and

    Tags: php, jquery, fancybox, yii, yii extensions
  • Call another controller action using renderPartial 2015-01-19

    i have problem in calling action from different controller using renderPartial. I have one controller 'SiteController'. In which i call action from another controller 'AbcController'. $this->renderPartial('Abc/_jobList',array('value'=>$value));

    Tags: php, renderpartial, yii
  • yii CSqlDataProvider's pagination is not working 2015-01-11

    i'm using mysql commands to do the query in yii, i want the item in cart to be listed in cart's view page. it works fine with showing the items'number on the top and some pagination link at the bottom. but all the item is showing in one page, paginat

    Tags: php, mysql, pagination, yii
  • How to var_dump a variable inside a yii widget? 2015-01-11

    Widget Code: $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView', array( 'id' => 'wtchgrid', 'columns'=>array( ... ), array( 'header' => 'Links', 'class' => 'zii.widgets.grid.CButtonColumn', 'template' => '{update}{view}{delete}', 'buttons

    Tags: php, yii

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