• Apple Crontab alternative plist to cd a folder and then execute yii script 2018-06-26

    I want to recreate this crontab to the new apple plist file to describe and execute a background scheduled job. The reason I want to recreate this is because crontab has depreciate in OSX and i Had a few background process which were working until i

    Tags: osx, cron, crontab, plist, yii
  • Can Active Record running with HTML tag ? 2018-02-18

    I have a form like this as yii active record : <?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array( 'id'=>'arsip-perihal-form', // Please note: When you enable ajax validation, make sure the corresponding // controller action is handling ajax val

    Tags: php, html, yii
  • Extracting data from array in Yii 2 2018-02-03

    I'm trying to get data from DB and show it in menu. echo NavX::widget([ 'options' => ['class' => 'navbar-nav navbar-right'], 'items' => [ array_map(function ($model) { return [ 'label' => $model['param2'], 'url' => ["/users/{$model['pa

    Tags: php, yii, yii2
  • Sort yii2-advanced-template 2018-01-19

    i am using yii2 advanced template.i need to sort my results.i am using of yii\data\Sort for it.but i need the default sort must be SORT_DESC..but it is not working...i dont know what i am doing wrong. here is my code public function actionIndex() { $

    Tags: sorting, yii, yii2, yii2 advanced app
  • Edit action in Yii framework 2017-07-07

    I am working on a web application that allow users to have video conferences. Users are allowed to create video conferences and I want them to be able to also edit the scheduled video conferences but I am having trouble implementing that. Please help

    Tags: php, ajax, yii
  • PHP - BLENC extension - Yii Framework 2017-05-24

    I am trying to protect some piece of code of my web system application. For this pourpouse, I am trying to use the BLENC extension for PHP. The reason: Because the client demands it, so please dont mix the topic. The Problem: It results that the BLEN

    Tags: frameworks, php, protect, yii, blenc
  • Yii behaviors won't save data 2016-11-22

    I'm trying to save relations in third table 'Relations'. Here's code: Controller save action: $relations = $_POST['VideoCaptions']['countries']; $model->attachBehavior('ManyToManyRelationBehavior', array( 'class' => 'ManyToManyRelationBehavior', 'mo

    Tags: php, many to many, behavior, yii
  • how to update a YII extension(yii2-fullcalendar) 2015-11-30

    I have installed yii2-full calendar extension but it is not the latest version and installed the old version. Now I want to update it to the latest version2.3.0 using composer but not able to get success. The new version is available as .zip but ther

    Tags: php, yii, yii extensions, composer php, yii2
  • Yii: How to define parent object to related childs? 2015-10-10

    2 Tables: threads and comments (e.g.) => Thread & Comment models Thread.php public function relations() { return array( 'comments'=>array(self::HAS_MANY, 'Comment', 'thread_id'), ); } How to define property parent Thread object for each comment

    Tags: php, parent, relation, yii
  • YII 1 grid search is not working 2015-03-17

    I am beginner in YII 1 and i am trying to use grid search in my YII application but my grid search is not working.Please help me. Thanks in advance. viewSurveyList.php <?php $this->pageTitle=Yii::app()->name . ' - Survey Data'; ?> <div

    Tags: php, yii
  • RESTful expand by default 2015-03-17

    How can I return model relations without adding expand parameter in url? I tried add some code in model public function fields() { $fields = parent::fields(); $fields['profile'] = $this->profile; return $fields; } But i am getting the error: call_

    Tags: yii, yii2
  • Add CJuiAutocomplete in gridview row dymamically through js 2015-03-17

    Hi i am trying to create custom widget for my project. The widget includes program name and program type. For field type i have used CJuiAutoComplete. Here is my code! $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array( 'dataProvider' => $this-

    Tags: php, jquery, gridview, autocomplete, yii
  • Yii2 execution time (total time for serving the current request) 2015-03-17

    What is the equivalent of method Yii::getLogger()->getExecutionTime() in Yii2, that present the total time for serving the current request? --------------Solutions------------- You should simply use : Yii::getLogger()->getElapsedTime(); Read mo

    Tags: yii, yii2
  • Access advanced search result 2015-03-17

    I am building a Yii application and I followed a tutorial to enable the Advanced search in the index file of a table like this: <?php /* @var $this TakeController */ /* @var $dataProvider CActiveDataProvider */ $this->breadcrumbs=array( 'Takes'

    Tags: yii
  • Can't update image in yii project 2015-03-13

    I would like to upload an image and save the image name in database. I can create it and everything is ok, but update has problems. If i update the $model->img (image) value will be blank in db. This is my model rules: array('img', 'file','types'=

    Tags: php, yii
  • Strange variable overwrite in foreach loop 2015-03-13

    This must be something ugly obvious, but I'm stucked on this and can't solve it for past two hours. I have this piece of code: foreach($idMap as $menuId=>$pageId) { echo('$this->update("menus_items", SET "link = /content/show?id='.$pageId.'" WH

    Tags: php, sql update, foreach, yii
  • Setting aliases in Yii2 within the app config file 2015-03-01

    I'm trying to set an alias in Yii2 but I'm getting a Invalid Parameter / Invalid path alias for the below code that is placed in the app config file: 'aliases' => [ // Set the editor language dir '@editor_lang_dir' => '@webroot/scripts/sceditor

    Tags: php, yii, yii2
  • Yii URLpath Customization for REST API 2015-02-09

    I am working on YII (1.x) REST API. I want to update URL according to following format GET api/user => Should return list of User GET api/user/$id => Should return one USER with provided ID DELETE api/user/$id => Should delete respective use

    Tags: php, rest, url, yii
  • Yii 2 used with AngularJS 2015-01-26

    any experience with using AngularJS with the Yii Framework (best would be version 2)? I am searching for some plugin or similar which would help me easily integrate AngularJS into Yii to work nicely together. Is it easily possible, or is it too much

    Tags: php, yii, angularjs, yii extensions, yii2
  • Yii many to many, junction table object graph 2015-01-21

    I am taking a Java app and moving it to php. I am experienced in java and used hibernate for the ORM solution. I have an existing data model to use and am implementing it in Yii. I need help. I have many-to-many relationships. diet -> dietmeal

    Tags: php, mysql, join, yii, junction

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