• WPF VisualTreeHelper.HitTest using multiple threads 2018-04-15

    In my application, there is a transparent InkCanvas on top of a Viewport3D object. The Viewport3D shows a large 3D mesh. The user will sketch on the InkCanvas in order to select a portion of the 3D model that the Viewport3D is rendering. The user is

    Tags: multithreading, viewport3d, inkcanvas, raycasting
  • Obtain 3D point of a ViewPort3d

    Obtain 3D point of a ViewPort3d 2015-02-25

    I need to obtain the 3D coordinates of one point (X,Y,Z) of an image given by Kinect. I explain it better: I have a 3D image on a ViewPort3D and I want to recieve the X,Y,Z coordinates of one point that I select with the left click of my mouse on the

    Tags: xaml, viewport3d, kinect
  • Viewport3D performance on a simple mesh

    Viewport3D performance on a simple mesh 2012-03-02

    I created a full-screen WPF Canvas, representing a time line. Only the visible part of the time line is composed, so (practically) no UI elements lie outside of the visible range. I'm trying to add perspective to this time line using a Viewport3D. Th

    Tags: wpf, xaml, viewport3d
  • How to rotate camera in ViewPort3D using mouse in WPF? 2012-01-29

    I was able to set the position and direction of the perspective camera placed in the viewport3d directly in XAML. But i would like to know how can i rotate the camera using the mouse input. I would prefer C# lang. I was actually stuck at the point ho

    Tags: wpf, xaml, viewport3d
  • OpenGL with Viewport3D control in WPF 2011-12-01

    Can Viewport3D control in WPF work with OpenGL? --------------Solutions------------- The WPF's something Viewport3D can't do (there are lots of thing it can't do), whole WPF is DirectX based. This also means DirectX is generally much better supported

    Tags: wpf, opengl, viewport3d
  • Threading 3d models in Windows Presentation Foundation 2011-11-21

    Is there a tutorial I can look at for Windows Presentation Foundation in using multi-threading to create a model in a non UI-thread and add it to the 3D viewport in the UI-thread? I'm been having trouble trying to since I been getting errors such as:

    Tags: wpf, multithreading, viewport3d, thread safety
  • SlimDX rendering a visual to a bitmap 2011-06-22

    I want to render a viewport3d visual to an image using hardware rendering. How could I do that using SlimDX? I'm using WPF & VB.NET 4.0 and SlimDX. Any tips will help, thanks in advance. :) Here is the code I use to render a viewport3d, it is ver

    Tags: wpf,, directx, viewport3d, slimdx
  • WPF ViewPort3D user control with ModelVisual3D property binding? 2011-05-24

    I’m building a user control that has a ViewPort3D. I want to be able to update the view port with a bound property of ModelVisual3D (through an exposed method accepting data that is used to create the visual model). To try the user control I am also

    Tags: wpf, binding, user controls, viewport3d, modelvisual3d
  • Light follow camera in viewport3D 2011-04-07

    Is there a way to set ANY light to follow the camera. thanks. --------------Solutions------------- You can do it in XAML. Bind the location to the Camera's location and add an offset by adding a TranslateTransform. Be careful what you bind to though.

    Tags: wpf, viewport3d
  • Disable face culling in WPF 2010-12-11

    I'm starting experimenting with WPF 3D rendering, and one of the first problems I'm facing, is how to disable face culling. I know how to do that in DirectX and OpenGL, but I can't find a way to do that in WPF. Here is my ViewPort markup. The model i

    Tags: wpf, viewport3d, culling
  • Viewport3D ModelVisuals3D not visible when inside Canvas 2010-11-04

    If I put viewport3D inside Canvas my viewport3D is not visible anymore. If I remove Canvas then Viewport3D is visible again. What I'm doing wrong? <Canvas Width="900" Height="524"> <Viewport3D Name="mainViewport" ClipToBounds="True" HitTestV

    Tags: wpf, viewport3d, canvas
  • 3D is not rendering in WPF Application 2010-10-08

    I am trying to render 3D object using the below code. But when I run the application, nothing is displayed. It seems to be blank. Am I missing anything? <Page x:Class="SampleWpfApplication.DemoPage3" xmlns="

    Tags: wpf, rendering, 3d, viewport3d
  • Useful lighting of a single-colored 3D object in a WPF Viewport3D

    Useful lighting of a single-colored 3D object in a WPF Viewport3D 2010-10-02

    I have a 3D Modell of a house, where the roof is invisible so that the rooms can be seen (like ) But (for now) I have no textures and each surface has the same color, e.g., var myMaterial = new DiffuseMaterial (new SolidColorBrush(myColor)) If I view

    Tags: c#, wpf, viewport3d, lighting
  • Place an Image into ViewPort3D in wpf 2010-09-29

    I am having problem in displaying th Image in viewport3d of wpf. <Grid> <Image Source="G:\Demo\virtualization\virtualization\2.jpg"/> <Viewport3D Name="mainViewport" ClipToBounds="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Height="300">

    Tags: image, wpf, viewport3d
  • A question about WPF. Size in Viewport3D 2010-08-25

    <Window x:Class="Viewport2DVisual3DExample.Window1" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Title="Button on 3D" WindowStyle="None" Background="{x:Null}" Foreground="

    Tags: wpf, xaml, viewport3d
  • Performance problem when applying a RenderTransform to a Viewport3d in WPF 2010-07-12

    I have implemented zooming and panning in my WPF app using a RenderTranform combining scaling and translations. Everything is peachy with bitmaps, text, graphic paths, shapes and more. As soon as I put a viewport3d in the visual tree and I zoom into

    Tags: wpf, viewport3d
  • WPF FlowDocument, Viewport3D, Adobe 3D PDF 2010-06-29

    In my little test application i created a FlowDocument instance and added a simple Paragraph containing some text. In the second step i added a BlockUIContainer containing a Viewport3D to the FlowDocument and some more text. It all displays well. I c

    Tags: wpf, pdf, 3d, viewport3d
  • WPF - Render text in Viewport3D 2010-05-31

    I want to present up to 300 strings (just a few words) in a Viewport3D - fast! I want to render them on different Z positions and zoom in and out fluently. The ways I have found so far to render text in a Viewport3D: Put a TextBlock in a Viewport2DVi

    Tags: .net, c#, wpf, 3d, viewport3d
  • Problems with 3D WPF 2010-03-10

    I started to learn some 3D in WPF today and I copied some simple examples (planes) into my XAML, and they all worked. However, when I adjusted the camera's and the plane's coordinates to meet my needs, I always see nothing. I do not know what I am do

    Tags: wpf, 3d, viewport3d
  • WPF: Is there a way to save the image in the Viewport3D? 2010-02-20

    I have some 3d points I have to plot and since as far as I know there isn't a chart library for C# that will do this easily, I thought the next easier way to do it would be to create the points in a viewport3d and save the image. --------------Soluti

    Tags: image, c#, wpf, viewport3d

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