• Can I speed up this VBA code? 2019-01-11

    I've put together a simple macro for sifting through column A and transposing every 3 rows into one row... (i.e. A1,A2,A3 go to A1,B1,C1 , A4,A5,A6 go to A2,B2,C2 etc... ) it works really well, however, I'll be pushing the scope to the max, i.e tryin

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • VBA to Hide and Unhide Rows using an activex check box 2019-01-09

    Can someone help me make this more efficient? It is running around 10 seconds. Thanks much! I've adapted this code to hide rows that contain "Hide" as the result of a formula in column A of my worksheet. Sub Hide_Rows() Application.Calculation =

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba, hide, rows
  • read variable excel data into variant with the same format 2018-12-12

    I'm currently writing a Macro for Excel. First I want to read my variable settings from row 20 from my sheet "Filter" into my variable "test": ' Define Last Column with a value LastCol = Sheets("Filter").Cells(20, Sheets(&quo

    Tags: data structures, excel, excel vba, vba, variables
  • Access: Setting a source object to another source object path 2018-11-21

    I'm trying something crazy again. I would like to use this line of code: Reports![PrntRep].SourceObject = Forms![Search Form]!Subform1.SourceObject The source object of subform1 is dynamically depending on which query you need to search. I want the s

    Tags: ms access, vba, access vba
  • combo box to change filters on excel pivot table

    combo box to change filters on excel pivot table 2018-11-13

    Excel 2013. I am using 3 combo boxes to change filters on the pivot table. My first combo box has "Project1", "Project2" & All. My second combo box has "Customer1", "Customer2" & All. My third combo box has

    Tags: excel vba, vba, combobox
  • VBA - Search for cell, grab contents to the right of cell 2018-11-12

    I have a working macro that loops through folder to open files and get important info from the columns of names "HOLDER" and "CUTTING TOOL" and printing all the info to one excel document, masterfile. It also prints the file name into

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • Excel VBA call DLL developed using MPI 2018-11-11

    I am new to C++. And I want to develop a dll of a function applying Monte Carlo Simulation using VS C++ 2013. I want to enhance the monte carlo capacity. So I want to use Microsoft MS-MPI and HPC 2008 to do parallel computing within this dll. Then, I

    Tags: dll, excel, vba, mpi
  • Excel VBA solver. Equation isn't solving 2018-11-03

    this is probably a very simple question to someone that knows what they are doing, but I am new to using VBA solver function and it is proving to be a pain. I have this formula is cell C1 =3*A1^2-2*A1^3 and have a set number in B1, let's say 0.5. I'd

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • 1 Working Day Back In SQL DB2 2018-10-30

    I need to select data from database with a date that is one day back into the past but on working day. Is there a specific function for that ( Excel has got formula =Workday)? I am downloading data from DB2 to excel with VBA instructions. Here is the

    Tags: sql, db2, vba
  • class string array property cannot be read 2018-09-18

    I'm using Excel 2013. I have a class called clsFund. It has one property of type string() called CompanyNames. private pCoName() as string Public Property Get CompanyNames() As String() CompanyNames = pCoName End Property In a standard module I try t

    Tags: excel vba, vba
  • Transfer specific data from one whole worksheet to another 2018-09-04

    Is it possible to transfer specific data from one worksheet to another? What I want to do is to find all the data that has a specific string and transfer it to other worksheet. For example, I want to find data that has AC in it using the MID function

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • copy cell value based on range search result 2018-07-21

    I am a newbie to VB so I am sure this is easily solved for many here. I have a number of workbooks with same layout. I need a macro where I can enter a value via dialog box and search all workbooks and worksheets for the value i input. When that valu

    Tags: select, excel, excel vba, vba, cell
  • VBA protection puzzle 2018-07-14

    An Excel VBA Addin is running the following code in a regular module, modifying another workbook referenced as ActiveWorkBook, which contains a sheet called "Master List". Whether the code makes it to MsgBox "2" or not depends whether

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • Userform to open when sheet opens 2018-07-09

    A little stuck with VBA, im trying to get my userform "ParcelDataEntry" to open when i select a sheet from my combo box which i have on my front page which will have various other options when i cross this hurdle. All 54 worksheets have the foll

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • Excel count rows between 2 strings

    Excel count rows between 2 strings 2018-06-24

    I need to place row headers in column A. This will vary from each page so I need a VBA to handle this. I need to count the number of rows between two cell and then serielize the headers. To So I need too Loop thrugh Column B sCell = Find what cell is

    Tags: excel, vba
  • Pre-populate palette colors in Microsoft Office?

    Pre-populate palette colors in Microsoft Office? 2018-06-15

    My coworkers have very specific colors they use in their Excel and PowerPoint documents, and they came to me hoping for some automation. They often have to go through the annoying task for every new document of re-picking the same three colors off th

    Tags: ms office, excel, vba, powerpoint, office interop
  • Excel VBA - Loop to insert formulas 2018-06-01

    I've come across a worksheet full of formulas mistakes. The project itself its very repetitive so I decided to write some simple VBA code in order to save me some time. The problem is the my code did not work. I thought indeed it was a simple problem

    Tags: excel, excel vba, vba
  • needs some assistance with multiple subforms

    needs some assistance with multiple subforms 2018-05-27

    I have three tables (tblLDAP, pk UserName: tblSupervisor, pk Sup_ID: tblUSR-SSup, pk UserName), I have two queries: qrySupResults: SELECT tblSUPERVISOR.Sup_ID, tblSUPERVISOR.Sup_Fst_Name, tblSUPERVISOR.Sup_Lst_Name, tblSUPERVISOR.Sup_Ph_Ext, tblSUPER

    Tags: vba, access vba
  • Split content of field and duplicate row

    Split content of field and duplicate row 2018-04-26

    I have an Excel spreadsheet which has one column which may have many values delimited by a semi-colon e.g value1;value2;value3. What I need to do is to duplicate the entire row for each value, with each row having just one of the values. Example: val

    Tags: excel, vba
  • Using ADO.NET in the IDE integrated in Excel 2018-03-06

    I want to build an authentication system based on an Excel spreadsheet database. Therefore I would like to know if it's possible to use ADO.NET in the IDE integrated in Excel. (I don't want to use visual basic studio) --------------Solutions---------

    Tags: ado.net, vb.net, excel vba, vba

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