• General SOCKS server failure while using tor proxy 2019-01-10

    I am proxying traffic over tor, so letter on when I need to call localhost port, it gives failure error. def create_connection(self, address, timeout=None, source_address=None): sock = socks.socksocket() sock.connect(address) return sock def getVideo

    Tags: proxy, python, network programming, tor, proxy server
  • Can somebody pls help me with this "Random Walk" Algorithm? 2014-04-09

    The Algorithm below is written in pseudocode and for simplicity the storage of the actual route in the Data structure is not included. LengthFromSrc = 0; LengthFromDest = 0; TotalNumberHops = 0; X = SRC; /*Last Node Visited from Random walk starting

    Tags: algorithm, routing, pseudocode, tor
  • Ruby Mechanize + Tor? 2013-12-14

    Trying to build a program that automates interactions with web pages through TOR. I need to be able to store and delete cookies, and change TOR identities. Is this something that is possible with Mechanize? Is there a library made to work with TOR? -

    Tags: ruby, http, automation, website, tor
  • How to prevent TOR Vidalia from changing my IP? 2013-08-26

    I want to manually change my visible IP in Vidalia, not automatically every x minutes. How to do that in Windows or Linux? --------------Solutions------------- Basically this is not possible directly in Vidalia. Tor is designed in a way that your pub

    Tags: tor
  • Automatically generate list of tor exit nodes 2013-06-07

    I want to automatically generate a list of tor exit nodes that can reach a certain IP address. I scoured the internetfor a while and came across this piece of code from if [

    Tags: python, tor
  • How to contribute on github anonymously via Tor? 2012-04-23

    I would like to contribute anonymously to projects on github. Not to cause mischief, more in the spirit of anonymous donations. The tool of choice for being anonymous online seems to be TOR, which works well for almost anything you can do in a browse

    Tags: git, privacy, github, anonymous, tor
  • Python - Firefox Headless 2012-04-08

    I've spent the last few days messing around with Selenium, Tor, and Firefox as a combination for multiple tasks. I've managed to write a simple script in Python that takes control of Firefox through Selenium, while Firefox is connected to Tor for pri

    Tags: firefox, python, selenium, headless, tor
  • Python script Exception with Tor 2012-03-29

    I have the following script which uses SocksiPY and Tor: from TorCtl import TorCtl import socks import socket socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5, "", 9050) socket.socket = socks.socksocket import urllib2 import sqlite3 from Beauti

    Tags: python, tor
  • TorCtl connection refused error 2012-03-29

    While browsing about changing identity with tor I have the following script: from TorCtl import TorCtl conn = TorCtl.connect(controlAddr="", controlPort=9051, passphrase="123") TorCtl.Connection.send_signal(conn, "NEWNYM") But I get this err

    Tags: python, tor
  • Changing tor identity inside python script: 2012-03-27

    I have the following script: import socks import socket socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5, "", 9050) socket.socket = socks.socksocket import urllib2 print(urllib2.urlopen("").read()) which uses tor and So

    Tags: python, tor
  • Tackling Google Rate limiting APIs using Tor? 2012-03-24

    I was looking at some APIs like twitter, google APIs. From what I understand in this link,, crudely put, Tor masks IP of the initiator I was wondering whether it is possible to overcome these rate limits by

    Tags: tor, rate limiting
  • urllib2 proxy does not work with tor 2012-03-23

    I want to write some script with python which uses tor/proxy addresses to access web, for the test I have the following script: import urllib2 from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup protocol = 'socks4' ip = '' proxy = urllib2.ProxyHand

    Tags: proxy, linux, python, tor
  • How do I get the Tor exit node IP address over the control port? 2012-03-19

    I want to monitor the status of running Tor instances. I am already able to get information via a TCP connection to the control ports. E.g. "GETINFO stream-status" returns data, but I am not able to determine the IP address of the currently chosen ex

    Tags: exit, tor
  • How do I use Tor as system VPN and cut out some nodes? 2012-02-10

    How can I configure Tor as a VPN and use it so that my system automatically connects to Tor and route all traffic through it? I've found a couple of pieces of freeware, like FreeCap (forcing programs to use Sock server), but it doesn't really do what

    Tags: proxy, vpn, tor
  • Processing web requests in Java desktop application through tor network? 2012-02-05

    I write Java desktop applications sometimes and sometimes I would like for my web requests to be processed through the tor network. How can I go about configuring this properly in Windows and/or Linux? --------------Solutions------------- Have a look

    Tags: java, desktop, configure, tor
  • Python urllib2 Tor 514 Authentication Required 2011-12-18

    I am trying to use Tor with python and urllib2 and am stuck. The following print'').read() And telnet 9051 gives me the following error: 514 Authentication Required. Here is the code I want to use: B

    Tags: python, urllib2, tor
  • How to reliably get outgoing masking of IP address? 2011-11-24

    How can I quickly and reliably mask my outgoing IP for doing many web requests? Tor is too slow. It takes 10x longer. Tor Tunnel did not work at all for me CPAN is failing cpan

    Tags: proxy, perl, lwp, libcurl, tor
  • Difficulties doing a webpage search with Python through Tor 2011-11-11

    I am running python 2.5.1 and Tor on OSX 10.5 I have checked the SOCKS question and the Trying to get Tor to work with Python question and the Tor with Python question and have tried them all, and a combination of the above, while running To

    Tags: python, tor
  • using tor with scrapy framework 2011-11-10

    I am trying to crawl website, which is sophisticated enough to stop bots, I mean it is permitting only a few requests, after that Scrapy hangs. Question 1: is there a way, if Scrapy hangs I can restart my crawling process from the same point. To get

    Tags: python, tor, scrapy
  • Sockets with Tor and Python 2011-10-18

    Hello I am building an IM P2P client/server in Python and would like to use Tor as a proxy for it the server runs using Threads while the client runs at the same time Does the server running on the local system need to listen to Tor? If so how do I d

    Tags: python, tor

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