• Timer Background transition 2018-11-06

    I was trying to have my Form's background change when I press a button with a transition. I figured the most simple and fast way to do this would be to put a white panel over my Form, with a blank backcolor, and to change its alpha component from 0 t

    Tags: winforms, timer, background image
  • Why is my slideshow erratic? (Timing issues) 2018-07-03

    I have been tinkering with pasting an image into a browser through extracting the data via the clipboard... I have managed to create a reasonable slideshow script working, but the problem is that the timing between slides is erratic... I'm not sure w

    Tags: javascript, timer
  • Creating files in specific folder 2018-05-03

    I have a little problem - I am trying to create a bat file in a specific folder with another batch file echo How many hours must go from startup to shutdown? set input= set /p input= Timer: SET /A Sekunder = %input% * 3600 SET startupfolder=%SystemDr

    Tags: windows, cmd, timer, batch file
  • How to set a timer to go to the next item in the list? 2018-01-12

    I would like to make it so that after every 5 seconds the next slide will appear automatically. Also I want to make it so that clicking next/prev will reset the timer. How do I achieve this? So far I have this: https://jsfiddle.net/5yL8a1av/4/ jQuery

    Tags: jquery, timer
  • How to exit time_delay loop w/ key press in C? 2018-01-09

    My program is reading ADC values through 7 different channels. I have a timer set up which reads each channel sequentially. I would like to run this timer infinitely (but right now I have it set for an hour) and be able to exit the timer with a key p

    Tags: timer, infinite loop, timedelay
  • Get instance of a running timer in java 2017-08-16

    Is it possible to get the instance of a running timer in Java? More precisely, what I want to do is get a current running timer by name and cancel it. How can I do this? I tried referring it as a Thread and convert it to Timer, but it wasn't allowed.

    Tags: java, multithreading, timer
  • How do I add a timer to user input? 2017-08-04

    This question already has an answer here: raw_input and timeout [duplicate] 5 answers How to run a background timer in Python 1 answer I'm switching to Python for a while, and time in this language is something I'm not grasping. I'm trying to make it

    Tags: python, timer, function, input, countdown
  • How to wait until a given time, even when laptop is suspended? 2015-10-29

    I'm writing some JavaScript that manages scheduled events. The page should update when the event is due. I'm currently using window.setTimeout(cb, scheduledTime - now). This works fine normally, but if the laptop is suspended then the delay is too lo

    Tags: javascript, timer
  • UIPickerView centered columns

    UIPickerView centered columns 2015-03-13

    I am creating a custom time picker, using this question as a guide and my columns don't line up. Here is where I create the hour and minutes labels: UILabel *hourLabel = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(datePickerCell.pickerView.frame.size.w

    Tags: timer, ios, uipickerview
  • Stopping a running handler 2015-02-23

    I have implemented a handler that allows the user to start an event that repeats every 5 seconds using the taskbar menu. What is the best method to use that would also allow the user to stop the event from the taskbar menu? public class MainActivity

    Tags: timer, android, android handler
  • Timer value finishes before the progress bar start 2015-01-26

    I'm trying to login using my login form.I have a button, a timer control and a progress bar control. On form load my progress bar control's visibility set to false. Here's my code for the button login. SqlDataReader reader = new loginUserOP().userLog

    Tags: winforms, timer
  • Running a for loop with time interval in C# 2015-01-19

    I'm trying to make a simple C# program that rolls two dice 100 times. For each roll, the dice images and some labels should change in the MainWindow. In order for each roll to be seen, I need some sort of time control. When my loop runs (triggered by

    Tags: winforms, multithreading, timer
  • Timer doesn't feel like overriding 2015-01-11

    A friend of mine gave me this code for a timer. I must say that I'm a beginner, so I don't understand what @Override is, but the code worked for other friends. tijd is an int with the value of 10 lx is the x value of a label s1 is also an int with a

    Tags: java, timer, override, superclass
  • Timer does not cancel as soon as the .cancel() is called 2015-01-07

    i have a GUI with play and pause buttons. play button when pressed, schedules a timer according to a time stamp read from a file and publish some data t the network according to the time stamp. For an example, if the fie i am processing has the follo

    Tags: java, timer, timertask
  • Does the more time a function takes means its runtime complexity is larger? 2014-12-29

    Is it wise to verify runtime complexity of code with timer tests? For example: x=very large input timer start foo(x) timer end print time So if the time was 0 seconds then that means foo runs on O(n) or less and if timer is say 30-60 seconds, that me

    Tags: performance, testing, timer, runtime
  • timecircles using input value 2014-12-11

    Hello i'm trying to make a timer with a dynamic input. The user has to be able to configure the timer. This is what i got so far. first page: <form action="timerGO.php" method="post"> <p><input style="numeric" value="" name="number"

    Tags: timer, variables, input, countdowntimer
  • LibGDX - trying to display a visible timer in my game 2014-12-01

    as the title says I'm trying to display a timer in my game that starts from 0 (and ideally, I want it to be on the top left of the screen) I have the logic for the timer here: public class Timer { SpriteBatch batch; private BitmapFont font; private f

    Tags: java, timer, bitmap, android, libgdx
  • Syntax Error, first line after dostuff 2014-11-24

    Here is the code. I'll be honest, I'm not very versed in Perl and I have copied from this site to build what you see below, more or less. Another post here, Run a sub in a perl script based on the time?, shows the basics for the while function(?), bu

    Tags: loops, perl, timer
  • How to implement a good timer in Phaser JS 2014-11-24

    Hi I'm currently working on a timer for my app that I will port to android phones using phonegap its about a ball game with 10 second timer Currently im using timer++ increments createLevel: function(lvl) { // create levels manually // TODO: import f

    Tags: javascript, timer, android, cordova, phaser framework
  • Timer run in CGridview Column - Yii Framework

    Timer run in CGridview Column - Yii Framework 2014-11-24

    I'm trying to run timer dynamically for CGridView Column data, the following is the calculation to be done to run the timer, session_duration + (now - session_start) - This value should be run dynamically in hhmmss format lively in Cgridview column,

    Tags: javascript, timer, yii, cgridview

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