• What to take into consideration when changing a servers timezone 2019-03-14

    I have a few Ubuntu 14.04 servers, which are running Apache,MySQL,Postfix,Dovecot and ntpd ... And need to change the timezone from BST to UTC, which I will do using: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Is there anything I need to monitor, or be aware of af

    Tags: time, ubuntu 14.04
  • Get previous occurrence of a LocalTime 2019-03-14

    How to get the previous occurrence of a specified local time as an instant, for the system timezone ? This basically means getting today at specified time or yesterday at specified time depending whether the specified time for today is before or afte

    Tags: java, time
  • How to Sum N values in time format (hh:mm:ss)? 2019-01-20

    I used date_parse function and added some time values. print_r(date_parse("23:00:00")); $parsed = date_parse($totdh); $seconds = $parsed['hour'] * 3600 + $parsed['minute'] * 60 + $parsed['second']; $TotDownMinutes = $seconds / 60; i had problem

    Tags: php, time, datetime parsing, date parsing
  • Why are my nested for loops taking so long to compute? 2018-07-18

    I have a code that generates all of the possible combinations of 4 integers between 0 and 36. This will be 37^4 numbers = 1874161. My code is written in MATLAB: i=0; for a = 0:36 for b= 0:36 for c = 0:36 for d = 0:36 i=i+1; combination(i,:) = [a,b,c,

    Tags: algorithm, big o, matlab, time, nested loops
  • What is causing my custom zsh script terminal command to hang? 2018-06-11

    I've created a custom zsh script for taking notes about my day and keeping track of time so I can fill out time sheets easier. It works fine most of the time but every now and again just hangs. It logs to the txt file even when it hangs but it doesn'

    Tags: logging, arrays, random, time, zsh
  • If statement for current time for both days of week and hours - PHP 2018-04-16

    My interactive map markers are XML/PHP based. The marker changes dynamically depending on the time on database compared to current time. Its working when I've set it for hours on the database but when I put both hours and days its not working... any

    Tags: php, datetime, time, status
  • How to order by time 2018-01-04

    I have column (string type) in my database (postgres) => "time" I'd like order by the "time" but it doesn't work. I get all data by: @results.order(:time).all; And my list looks like this 1:00:12 31:31 45:12 51:33 How can I order th

    Tags: ruby on rails, postgresql, time
  • TimeDiff function in JDBC sql 2017-10-21

    I'm trying to create an sql statement in java that uses the timediff function to compare two sql date objects from a table. This is what my statement looks like: SELECT EMPLOYEEID, COUNT(ORDER_TYPE) AS BREAKFASTCOUNT, MIN(TIMEDIFF(ORDER_ACCEPTED_TIME

    Tags: sql server, java, time, jdbc, difference
  • Excel: auto format time of day when inputting time

    Excel: auto format time of day when inputting time 2017-08-28

    I'm inputting time in and time out logs for my business to calculate the total hours worked by individual contractor companies visiting my site. We operate from 6:30am to 5pm. Excel automatically formats the data as AM, except for 12:00-12:59 which i

    Tags: excel, excel vba, time, format
  • String to Time in Javascript 2017-06-09

    I have an input form for date, which gives me a string such as 06/01/2015 Using it I need to get two variables in time format for the beginning of the day and the end of the day (00:00:00, and 23:59:59) in time (milliseconds) format such as 143320680

    Tags: javascript, time
  • Timezone doesn't change after update to Asia/Tehran in CentOS 6.6 2016-01-13

    I have changed server timezone with following commands : cp /etc/localtime /root/old.timezone rm /etc/localtime ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Tehran /etc/localtime but When I check server timezone it shows : $ date --------- Wed Apr 22 08:15:03 UTC

    Tags: linux, date, time, centos
  • How do i set Time as high score? 2015-11-24

    im creating a simple game which the objective is to deliver items the fastest as you can.There are no other score points except time, i manage to make the time start as the game begin and stop when the objective is done, but how do i save the time wh

    Tags: actionscript 3, flash, time, save, autosave
  • Unity WaitForSeconds not Working c# 2015-09-25

    I have been faced a problem in Unity. I have not change anything in my script or scene but the problem it self occurred. I am confused, also particules and animators doesn't work, too. When I reload the scene by a button, All scripts, particules and

    Tags: time, unity3d
  • Angular Filter Dates (Past / Future) with Moment.js 2015-09-14

    Say I have JSON data with objects like so: $scope.events = [ { title: 'Event 1', date: '2015-04-11 10:00' }, ... ]; And I display it using ng-repeat: <ul> <li ng-repeat="event in events">{{event.title}}</li> </ul> How wou

    Tags: time, angularjs, momentjs, angularjs filter
  • Java time load Date of a country and convert to localtime 2015-03-13

    This question already has an answer here: Convert Date/Time for given Timezone - java 10 answers How to change TIMEZONE for a java.util.Calendar/Date 2 answers I need load one date, for example: "14-03-2015 14:00:00" in a java variable. But that date

    Tags: java, time, jodatime, java time
  • php calculate time difference in percentage 2015-03-10

    How can I calculate percentage between two time values in php: Completed time 4min. and 35sec. Maximum time 11min. What would the remaining 6min and 25sec be in percentage? --------------Solutions------------- First, make those minutes into seconds:

    Tags: php, time
  • How to count seconds programatically in C#? 2015-03-08

    Actually I want to display 3 images only one at a time, but it should change for every 10 secs. For that I need to count seconds. Is there any predefined Class for this requirement? --------------Solutions------------- I think you're looking for the

    Tags: time
  • Convert year to seconds in Python 2015-03-01

    I'm stuck on an assignment which needs me to convert an input of years and print the result in seconds. The error message I get when I run the function is: '*TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting*' I can't really get my head

    Tags: python, time, python 3.x
  • Display and save only hours in int 2015-03-01

    How to display only hours and using int variable? I mean print time like 20:30:44 PM, I want to store only hours, mean 20 in int variable. how to do that? Can anybody tell me the code if you know, thanks? --------------Solutions------------- Try usin

    Tags: java, time
  • Having a function run at random time intervals, web2py 2015-02-04

    Im currently making a program that would send random text messages at randomly generated times during the day. I first made my program in python and then realized if I would like other people to sign up to receive messages I would have to use some so

    Tags: python, time, web2py

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