• Where is the source code / documentation for groovy.net.xmlrpc? 2018-10-09

    n.b. I have looked here. http://docs.groovy-lang.org/docs/groovy-1.8.6/html/ I am using Groovy in Talend and a little digging appears to show that I am using Groovy 1.8.6 I'm trying to debug to call a service using groovy.net.xmlrpc.XMLRPCServerProxy

    Tags: groovy, talend
  • How to schedule a job in talend 2017-06-24

    I've got a Talend's project, in the main job some jobs are called, I want to call one of them only if the system time is 14:00. Any idea about how can I do it? Thanks in advance! --------------Solutions------------- Hay Migua You Can Use RunIf Trigge

    Tags: schedule, jobs, talend
  • How to share a database connection with a joblet in Talend

    How to share a database connection with a joblet in Talend 2015-02-11

    I have a job with a tMSSqlConnection setup, and I need to share that connection with a joblet. I found instructions online saying to register it as a shared connection, and then add an option in dynamic settings of the joblet components with that con

    Tags: talend
  • TfileList catches one of the 6 files only

    TfileList catches one of the 6 files only 2014-03-19

    I tried to display some results from several files in a directory. I use TFileList, and 2 tFileInputDelimited which are both linked to TFileList. I don't know why but at the end of the processing my results are lugged from just one of the 6 files I w

    Tags: talend
  • Update a Db from a text file 2014-02-20

    We have two tables in our database that need to be updated using an extraction of another source. This extraction provides us a text-file. The first insert was easy thanks to Talend but now we have another problem. We don't want to do a simple insert

    Tags: database, auto update, talend
  • How to log progress of tasks in Talend Open Studio? 2013-06-17

    I have some sample jobs that migrate data from one database to another and I would like to have some information about the current progress, like the one you have when the job is run interactively from the application itself (I export and run it from

    Tags: talend
  • Polling a restful service in Talend 2013-05-03

    I am building a job in Talend that queries a restful service. In the job, I initiate a job and get a job ID back. I then query a status service, and need to wait for the job to complete. How would I go about doing this in Talend? I have been playing

    Tags: loops, talend
  • Talend - Lock wait timeout exceeded 2012-05-02

    I use the ETL Talend Open Studio (TOS). I want transfered a data base A into a data base B. I use a tMap component. When I use a tLogRow to look results, it's ok. TOS shows data correctly. But when I make the transfer, TOS writes "Lock wait timeout e

    Tags: etl, timeout, talend
  • Date limiting query for MongoDB 2012-04-17

    I'm looking to do an extract from a MongoDB from a particular date. Since I'm using a component in Talend that sends the query I'm kind of limited in the sense that I can't use multiple lines of code. Can you do a date limitation directly in the find

    Tags: date, mongodb, talend
  • JSON parser for Talend 2012-04-03

    I need some help devising a strategy to parse JSON docs within a Talend job (Java job, not Perl). I am using Talend Version: 5.0.2 and developing on a Mac, planning to run on a Linux box. Unfortunately, I cannot use the tFileInputJSON component becau

    Tags: java, json, talend
  • Talend Open-Studio Supported I/O Formats 2012-04-03

    I'm considering Talend's Open Studio for a Data Integration / ETL project, and I can't seem to find a list of formats for which it can input from or output to out of the box. For instance, I'm comparing it against Pentaho's Kettle, which I found supp

    Tags: database, etl, file format, data integration, talend
  • Error: Could not find the main class

    Error: Could not find the main class 2012-03-26

    I'm using Talend to perform some ETL and I'm getting the following error when I try to run it. Starting job bmcu_att_insert at 17:11 26/03/2012. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: bmcu_att_summ/bmcu_att_insert_0_1/bmcu_att_ins

    Tags: database, java, etl, talend
  • can't connect to Access 2007 Database using Talend 2012-02-20

    I have a connexion problem. i can't connect to my Access Database. I selected the Database but when i checked the connection an error message appear : error appear in 'Database configuration' page when i clicked on details : [Microsoft][Pilote ODBC M

    Tags: ms access, talend
  • How to break string from an excel file into substrings and load it? 2012-02-16

    I'm actually working on a talend job. I need to load from an excel file to an oracle 11g database. I can't figure out how to break a field of my excel entry file within talend and load the broken string into the database. For example I've got a field

    Tags: java, oracle, excel, etl, talend
  • How do I make this exact soap call? 2012-02-15

    To start off with, I am a beginner at soap. I am trying to make a soap call to a service and was given a working sample that comes from talend. What I need is to make a similar call in PHP. The output from talend is as follows, (extracted from the HT

    Tags: php, xml, soap, talend
  • How to update ActiveRecord Created_at Updated_at if feeding database from outside of active record? 2012-02-08

    I'm building a rails app on top of an existing database, and am wondering how I ensure that the created_at updated_at fields that active record adds to migrations are updated and filled when loading the database from a non rails/activerecord etl tool

    Tags: mysql, activerecord, etl, ruby on rails 3, talend
  • Run a single job in parallel 2012-01-30

    I need to know that how can we run a single job in parallel with different parameters in talend. --------------Solutions------------- The answer is straightforward, but rather depends on what you want, and whether you are using free Talend or commerc

    Tags: talend
  • Arabic charcters to English.. UTF-8 collation? 2012-01-11

    Is it possible to change Arabic charcters to English by passing through a job in Talend??? We have some Arabic characters stored in our database and wish to change it to English characters by passing through Talend job. We convert some *.csv files to

    Tags: mysql, character encoding, talend
  • Talend Open Studio ESB user feedback please (versus jbossesb/mule/servicemix) 2011-12-21

    I'm doing a quick review of ESB's and so far I've been surprised and impressed with the Talend ESB. I was really expecting Mule, one of the more well recognized open source esb, to be the defacto. Before I commit after only an academic and basic test

    Tags: jboss, esb, mule, servicemix, talend
  • Transactions in Talend 2011-11-18

    I want to perform transactions while writing into DB in Talend, but don't know how. I tried various component from palette, but couldn't manage to perform. I would appreciate any help or even better any tutorial related to this topic. Thanks! -------

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