• Direct memory access RX for the STM32L1

    Direct memory access RX for the STM32L1 2019-03-14

    I've been trying for a while now to transmit a block of data from my computer to an STM32L100C-DISCO over USART. For performance reasons, this is to be done using DMA. So far, however, I have not been able to get it to work. As I cannot seem to figur

    Tags: microcontroller, stm32, dma, usart
  • Intimating new firmware start address to bootloader 2018-08-08

    Considering a microcontroller(in my case STM32L4 series) once the new firmware image is written into the flash, how the new start address of the application can be intimated to the bootloader? --------------Solutions------------- Normally the bootloa

    Tags: boot, bootloader, stm32, stm
  • STM32 and LSM303DLHC 2018-05-06

    I'm trying to use LSM303DLHC accelerometer and magnetometer with the following code (it is basing on SPL): /** * @brief Read LSM303DLHC output register, and calculate the acceleration ACC=(1/SENSITIVITY)* (out_h*256+out_l)/16 (12 bit rappresentation)

    Tags: accelerometer, stm32
  • Getting STM32 Nucleo F030R8 to communicate with RX and TX pins 2018-04-24

    I'm having issues trying to get this Nucleo to send commands or receive commands using the online mbed compiler. As a starter step, I am trying to connect the rx and tx pin on my Nucleo to try to send a command to itself and display it using serial d

    Tags: stm32, uart, communicate, mbed
  • How to make hardware step/dir input on STM32F205 using timer 2015-03-17

    Is it possible to make hardware step/dir input on STM32F205 using timer or by other hardware peripherals? PS: I can connect external pin to timer clk. So I will have an Step input. But what to do with DIR input? EDIT 28.03.2014 Change of direction pr

    Tags: stm32, cnc
  • SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS 2014-09-16

    I'm using a demo board (STM32F4) from STMicroelectronics, which is connected to my laptop, where my c++ application is running, with a Virtual COM Port driver (usb cable). I'm trying to read the friendlyname of the device by using the SetupAPI. Here

    Tags: serial port, stm32, setupapi
  • How to delay one clock cycle in STM32? 2014-05-26

    The question is as simple as the topic. How to delay exact one clock cycle in STM32? If the controller runs at 168MHz, is one clock cycle equal to 1/168MHz, which is 5.95ns? --------------Solutions------------- You can try to use assembly in your C c

    Tags: assembly, clock, stm32, stm32ldiscovery
  • having a real hard time with ST-Link 2014-04-29

    I have a M24SR-Discovery board, STM32f103RG MCU, and I'm using Keil as IDE for programming. The thing is as much as I would like to get something done, I haven't even managed to communicate with it yet. Mainly I'm stuck when it comes to ST-Link. In K

    Tags: embedded, arm, stm32, keil, stm32f4discovery
  • Overrun errors with two USART interrupts 2014-04-15

    Using two USARTs running at 115200 baud on a STM32F2, one to communicate with a radio module and one for serial from a PC. The clock speed is 120MHz. When receiving data from both USARTs simultaneously overrun errors can occur on one USART or the oth

    Tags: embedded, serial port, interrupt, stm32
  • How to write the flash memory of stm32w108 from code 2014-02-26

    I am working on a problem, where I need to read and write some data from the flash of stm32w108 microcontroller. I am using dizic mb954 board, and running contiki on it. I've tried modifying the linker script by adding an extra section .flash_store w

    Tags: microcontroller, linker scripts, stm32, contiki
  • How to use Backup SRAM as EEPROM in STM32F4 2013-12-18

    There are two ways of emulating EEPROM on the STM32F4: On-chip 4 Kbytes backup SRAM On-chip Flash, with specific software algorithm The second option is described here: AN3969. But google, unfortunately, hasn't been able to provide information on how

    Tags: stm32, eeprom, stm32f4discovery
  • Processor Instruction Cycle Execution Time 2013-08-13

    My guess is that the __no_operation() intrinsic (ARM) instruction should take 1/(168 MHz) to execute, provided that each NOP executes in one clock cycle, which I would like to verify via documentation. Is there a standard location for information reg

    Tags: execution time, stm32, machine instruction, nop, cortex m
  • Size of ELF file vs size in RAM 2012-05-01

    I have an STM32 onto which I load ELF files in RAM (using OpenOCD and JTAG). So far, I haven't really been paying attention to the size of the ELF files that I load. Normally, when I compile an ELF file that is too large for my board (my board has 12

    Tags: elf, stm32
  • CDT Eclipse: Undefined Variables even the .h file included 2012-04-07

    I'm newbie on using CDT and Eclipse. I want to make an STM32F10XX (Cortex-M3) aplication. I have a problem when I'm compiling the code, it always show undefined variables error. I used Eclipse setting as shown on Setting up Eclipse and Code Sourcery

    Tags: eclipse, cdt, cortex m3, stm32
  • UART with STM32F407 (F4Discovery) 2012-03-26

    I am having issues trying to use the UART (USART1) on my F4Discovery board (based on an STM32F407). I am pretty new to STM32 and Keil (the IDE I am using). Here's my code: #include "stm32f4_discovery.h" #include "stm32f4xx_usart.h" #include "stm32f4x

    Tags: arm, stm32
  • I2C slave receiver on stm32f4 2012-03-26

    I try to implement a i2c slave receiver interrupt service routine on a stm32f4. Here is my smart peace of code. void I2C2_EV_IRQHandler() { switch (I2C_GetLastEvent(I2C2)) { //The address sent by the master matches the own address of the peripheral c

    Tags: embedded, i2c, stm32, interrupt handling, slave
  • Cortex-M3 Initialisation 2012-03-05

    I wrote (IMO) almost simpliest ARM application and it didn't work :) What could be wrong? What is missed? After flash write and CPU reset there are garbage in registers. Please, be kind and if U know, tell me what has to be done to run simplest appli

    Tags: assembly, cortex m3, stm32
  • Undefined reference to __libc_init_array 2012-02-22

    I am trying to compile some code for an STM32 chip using CodeBench G++ Lite tools. However, it generates an error. startup.o: In function `LoopFillZerobss': (.text.Reset_Handler+0x2a): undefined reference to `__libc_init_array' I have googled and it

    Tags: gcc, stm32
  • "Could not stop Cortex-M device" error when attempting to debug STM32F205ZG 2012-02-20

    I am having trouble running the debugger on a STM32F205ZG using ┬ÁVision4 and the ULINK2. I keep getting the error message "Could not stop Cortex-M device! Please check the JTAG cable." I am using the SW port. Any help with this would be greatly appre

    Tags: embedded, stm32, keil
  • Writing Flash on STM32 2012-01-22

    I am implementing a emulated EEPROM in flash memory on a STM32 microprocessor, mostly based on the Application Note by ST (AN2594 - EEPROM emulation in STM32F10x microcontrollers). The basics outline there and in the respective Datasheet and Programm

    Tags: microcontroller, stm32

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