• SSL curl doesn't work c++ 2018-06-13

    I'm trying to download a page that use ssl. I've to login on that page but I have empty page caused by a srange error. CURL *curl; CURLcode res; curl = curl_easy_init(); if(curl) { curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_CAPATH, "a.crt"); curl_easy_setop

    Tags: ssl, curl, libcurl
  • PDF conversion suddenly fails if reading stylesheet from SSL 2018-05-24

    I've been using EvoPdf version 3.5 without problem for long but all of a sudden it can't read a stylesheet from SSL. string html = "<link href=\"\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\"

    Tags: .net, css, ssl, evopdf
  • Can not get css and js files in the server that use SSL 2018-02-01

    I have implemented a website in codeigniter , recently I upload it to the production server that has SSL on it. The problem is , if I enter using "http", everything works fine. If I enter using "https" , then all css and js is not foun

    Tags: php, javascript, css, ssl, codeigniter
  • How to configure apache proxy ssl foward JBoss? 2018-01-09

    I have configured jboss https below(standalone.xml): <connector name="https" protocol="HTTP/1.1" scheme="https" socket-binding="https" secure="true"> <ssl name="https" key-alias="jb

    Tags: apache, ssl, jboss
  • https.request ignoring rejectUnauthorized 2017-10-19

    I'm trying to connect to a remote server using nodejs 0.12, and i keep getting the response SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN. I have looked at similar questions 1 2 but somehow their solutions don't work on my server. I am connecting to a test environment o

    Tags: javascript, ssl, node.js
  • SVN merge with HTTPS slow on FreeBSD 2017-09-21

    I setup SVN and Apache, and when I do a checkout it executes normally, but whenever I try to run svn merge for some reason it just hangs. Here is the output from my Apache access logs: ==> httpd-access.log <== [IP_ADDRESS] - - [30/Mar/2015:10:46:47

    Tags: svn, apache, ssl, https, freebsd
  • PHP 5.6 MySQLi turn off peer certificate cn validation 2017-09-09

    I am using PHP 5.6, MySQLi and SSL to connect to a database. However, I receive the error: Peer certificate CN=`hostname' did not match expected CN=`hostname' Is there a way to turn off this check when using mysqli::real_connect()? I understand this

    Tags: ssl, mysqli, php 5.6
  • Forms are posting nothing when using SSL 2017-06-16

    When using JOOMLA site with SSL enabled all the forms on the website are Posting nothing! print_r($_POST); results null Please let me know how to get back all the Forms posting data as normal even if SSL enabled.

    Tags: php, joomla, security, ssl, https
  • How to setup ssl with 2017-05-24

    I have a free domain,, and I hosted my files at I am trying to implement free ssl on my site. I have logged into cacert website. Added and verified my domain. And now I am stuck. I dont know how to set up an ssl certificate

    Tags: ssl, https
  • SSL Certificate Details in UIWebView

    SSL Certificate Details in UIWebView 2016-11-22

    I need to show SSL certificate details of displayed URL in a UIWebView something like Google's Chrome browser shows: How to obtain this data from UIWebView. --------------Solutions------------- We are intercepting the call at the network level (rathe

    Tags: ssl, ios, ssl certificate, uiwebview
  • + NodeJS + Nginx + SSL 2016-11-19

    My socket does not connect when I am using Nginx. My config file is: server { listen 80; return 301 https://$host$request_uri; } server { listen 443; server_name ssl on; ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/server.crt; ssl_certificate_key /etc/n

    Tags: ssl, sockets, nginx, node.js
  • SSL strip attack with https 2016-11-18

    Can a ssl strip attack take place even if the client types https:// instead of http:// ? I have read that the attacker monitors for http requests and redirects them to https.But I am curious to know whether https requests can also be exploited.

    Tags: security, ssl, wifi, hacking
  • Tomcat using RC4 ciphers when not present in "ciphers" list 2016-10-01

    We're running SSL through a tomcat7 instance that also requires a PCI scan. The SSL ciphers have consistently been a pain and the PCI compliance company the client uses doesn't have much in the way of information besides "refer to vendor documentatio

    Tags: java, ssl, tomcat, tomcat7
  • WSImport over SSL with fake (dev) certificate 2016-05-22

    Recently I spent couple of hours trying to get WSImport working on web service that is hosted over HTTPS, with fake certificate (dev deployment). I tried to use windows version of wsimport.exe, from Java 8 jdk. I specified option -XdisableSSLHostname

    Tags: java, ssl, https, webservice client, wsimport
  • Exchange 2010 MITM attack 2016-05-14

    I have an Exchange 2010 org deployed and I am publishing owa through TMG. I have disabled SSLv1/v2/v3 and some Ciphers. But if I analyse my site with ssllabs ( it shows that my owa site is vulnerable for MITM attacks.

    Tags: security, ssl, exchange server 2010
  • How should password be transfered for logon in Identity 2016-02-09

    We are using Identity (currently version 2). For the purpose of local user authentication, the framework expects clear-text passwords. As far as I understand, this is not the safe method to transfer passwords. A quick answer can be: use ssl t

    Tags:, ssl, hash, identity
  • Jetty SslContextFactory: Print all allowed cipher suites 2016-01-30

    I used a embedded jetty server with SslContextFactory. Does someone knows how I can print at server start all allowed cipher suites? All I know yet is this: String[] includedCipherSuites = sslContextFactory.getIncludeCipherSuites() //print string arr

    Tags: java, ssl, jetty
  • Disable use of TLS session tickets 2016-01-15

    We have a WCF client, using HttpTransportSecurity, so the communication uses TLS. Starting from Windows 8, the underlying client-side implementation advertises support for TLS session tickets (RFC5077). In our case, this causes problems, since there

    Tags: .net, ssl, wcf, wcf security
  • Is there any impact to Android/iOS WebView when I renew our API URL's SSL cert? 2016-01-05

    My questions is about I have some mobile applications (both Android and iOS) in hand now and it's working fine. The flow of my app is it has to call some URL for REST API and open some WebView content with https:// but now the SSL Cert is going to be

    Tags: ssl, https, ios, android, webview
  • SSL error - Possible cause and fix? 2015-12-18

    This will look similar to many SSL error on SO but I wanted to know the real cause and fix for this . I am trying to get the source code for Chromium OS by following the "Get The source code" section: I changed the https -> http and succesfuf

    Tags: ssl, curl, android source, repo

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