• Solr returning weird scores 2019-02-23

    I am trying to set up Solr for my data, I have configured all the things and the search seems to be working fine but sometimes I am getting weird results. For example, if I am searching for a term vicryl ctx 2-0 70 in the results, I have VICRYL VIOLE

    Tags: lucene, solr
  • Sending http request to solr server 2019-01-14

    I'm using Apache Solr to index and store my data. My website needs to send ajax requests to get this information, now the dillema is: Should I send the ajax request directly to solr server OR it would be better (safer/less coupled/..) to put up a .Ne

    Tags: .net, rest, solr
  • Understanding Apache Lucene's scoring algorithm 2018-12-10

    I'm working with Hibernate Search for months now, but still I'm not able to digest the relevance it brings. I'm overall satisfied with the results it returns, but even simplest test does not satisfy my expectation. First test was using the term frequ

    Tags: search, full text search, lucene, hibernate search, solr
  • Solr synonyms - Issue with word containing wild card 2018-12-04

    I have a synonyms.txt file which contains my synonyms keywords. When I search using wild card, the synonym is not matching the word. Eg, my synonyms.txt: cable,rope, wire, chain, cordage When I search cable, the synonyms are getting build as expected

    Tags: solr, synonym, solr4
  • Solr Query to search child and parent documents by join 2018-11-29

    I need help constructing a Solr query that will not only search child documents and return the parent, but also search on the parent. Please see my example schema below: Manufacturer Id Name Comments Products Id ManufacturerId ProductName All Solr do

    Tags: solr, solr query syntax
  • SOLR POST files with no extention 2018-11-03

    I am new to SOLR, so excuse me if I am missing something basic. I am using SOLR 5 and I want to scan documents that have no extensions. Unfortunately changing the file to have extensions is not an option in my case. the command I am using is simply:

    Tags: solr, solr5
  • Max Connection In Solr From Php 2018-11-01

    I need to determine what is causing too many connection on my website. Is it waiting on solr ? so from php i want to determine is it php max connection. Is there any way by which i can determine current connection in solr from php.

    Tags: php, solr, php 5.4
  • Issues regrading nested document query in solr 2017-11-26

    I am trying solr nested document from here But the problem is when I am trying to get all child elements of a parent element I am getting null pointer exception. May be I have some problem in schema.xml that's why joining is not happening properly. I

    Tags: lucene, solr, solrj
  • How to do a grouping(or range query) in Solr facet 2017-11-17

    All: [UPDATE] Thanks for Andrea's answer, currently I am using this way: If you send also a facet.mincount=1 then the start bound is just an indication because Solr will return only those values (i.e. ranges) that have at least 1 document inside. So

    Tags: solr, facet
  • meaning of Solr query 2017-09-05

    I am a newbie to solr and i am trying to understand the different way of querying. I saw a code example as below: 'some search text'::type:value1:type:value2 Can anybody help me understand what the above string does? I know if it is only type:value1

    Tags: java, spring, solr
  • Solr: Search the list of facets/fields 2017-08-17

    My site has a fairly robust set of facets for our SOLR search. We use heirarchical categories, series, locations, authors, etc.... We wanted to add, to our top level search, the ability to not just search within the content of our site, but to search

    Tags: lucene, field, solr, facet
  • Solr: Retrieve non-stored fields from external data source 2017-06-25

    I'm currently working on a project on which I would like to index several data sources (Oracle and HBase) into Solr for full text search. Additionally, I want to be able to visualize the data I index into Solr. I'm still evaluating on whether to use

    Tags: solr, solr5, banana
  • Solr fails to store literals sent to Tika when using Schemaless mode 2017-05-10

    I'm using Solr + Cell (Tika) + schemaless mode and when I send files to be indexed I'm not seeing any of the literals I've provided stored in the result documents. Here is what I see returned when I execute a *:* query in solr admin UI. It only conta

    Tags: solr, solrj, schemaless, tika
  • Create Core in Cloudera 2016-08-11

    I want to index DATA but it seems not easy in cloudera VM.Because the API of Solr demands to create a I Want to create a core which usual name is collection1 . I am Using cloudera-quickstart-vm-4.7.0-0-vmware in which it is absolutely we need

    Tags: java, solr, cloudera
  • Solr index multiple project similtanous 2016-05-29

    I have a Solr web server that starting with this cmd java -jar start.jar I need to use this instance of solr to index differents projects. Example Machine1 that work with DataBase1 to index some table in this database. Machine2 that work with DataBas

    Tags: deployment, indexing, solr
  • Problems with creating solr filter query with operator OR 2016-04-23

    I have searchText and I want to search it in the several certain fields, not in the all defaults fields from schema.xml. At first I tried in the solr admin http://localhost:8061/solr/admin/form.jsp to set Query String (parameter "q") to the: &qu

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  • How to configure Solr for indexing once a day 2016-01-31

    I'm a newbie with Solr, I use it for indexing and search files on a server through a webservice. I would know how to configure it to run the indexing process only once a day (for example at 3:00am). --------------Solutions------------- If you are cal

    Tags: apache, lucene, solr
  • How do I tell Tika to not complement a field's value defined in my Solr schema when indexing a binary document? 2015-10-26

    I use Solr to index different kinds of database tables. I have a Solr index containing a field named category. I make sure that the category field in Solr gets occupied with the right value depending on the table. This I can use to build facet querie

    Tags: indexing, extract, solr, tika
  • How to decide the overriding priority in SOLR query 2015-10-21

    All: I am pretty new to SOLR. What confused me so much now is the query params for filter and boost and relation between them(I am learning using edismax query). For example: Suppose I have documents which have 2 fields: content, createDate. And I wa

    Tags: solr
  • Solr query with slop 2015-08-20

    I want to construct a query at Solr 4.6.1. I've indexed a lot of a data: id name description etc And I've used a copyField (with a slop of 100) in my field "all", so I have: all: id [100 spaces] name [100 spaces]...etc I want to make a query similar

    Tags: solr, solrj

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