• jquery / JavaScript replace xth occurance 2019-03-01

    I have a string like this : var str = "A A A A A"; how do I replace a specific A with something else ? Eg: replace 3rd A to : var str = "A A 00 A A"; Of the 1st, 2nd, etc.. ? Thanks --------------Solutions------------- I would split th

    Tags: javascript, jquery, replace
  • Multiple sequential string replacement between two indices 2018-07-22

    I have a long string 'str' and a list of a triplets in the form [start, end, replace_str]. I need to iterate through the list of triplets and replace the contents of 'str' between start and end indices by replace_str. The replace_str string can be of

    Tags: algorithm, javascript, string, replace
  • Sed wildcard replace 2018-05-02

    I am not sure why I am having a hard time with this, I have this SQL file: insert into table_name values ('Danny:2:1429543183', 195621, 'My Stuff', '', 'Fake', '', '', 0, 1429553870, 1429543183, 1429543183, 1429543183, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, '', 0, 0, 0, 0,

    Tags: replace, sed, wildcard
  • jQuery closest div with specific class/id 2018-03-06

    I need your help. This code works fine for me: <div class="grauereihe"> <div class="kleinesbild"> <a data-lightbox="ags1" class="bildtopa" href="images/image1.jpg"> <img class="bi

    Tags: jquery, replace, closest
  • Sampling in PostgreSQL 2017-09-08

    I am looking for possible ways of random sampling in PostgreSQL. I found a couple of methods to do that with different advantages and disadvantages. The naive way to do that is: select * from Table_Name order by random() limit 10; Another faster meth

    Tags: random, postgresql, replace, sampling
  • How to Replace and Hide Div Contents Using Javascript 2017-09-03

    Can you help me to make a javascript function to: (1) show div contents in showarea when the two buttons are clicked, (2) replace content in the showarea if it contains show1/show2 (3) hide the content. Scenario: When the button SUB button is clicked

    Tags: javascript, replace, show hide
  • Why doesn't my expression handle multiline? 2016-10-02

    input The following piece of code is a resource declaration of a dialog in c++ LTEXT "Width",IDC_WIDTH_TEXT,203,74,22,10 EDITTEXT IDC_WIDTH_IN,244,73,57,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL | WS_GROUP CONTROL "Manually scale instances and paper",IDC_RAD_

    Tags: regex, replace, visual studio 2010
  • Perl replace produces empty file from script, not from bash 2016-09-18

    I'm getting pretty frustrated with this problem at the moment. I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I have this problem with google chrome that it gives a notice of not being shut down properly. I want to get rid of this. Also I have some older replaces

    Tags: perl, linux, bash, replace
  • Failing to replace backslash 2016-03-31

    I have a string coming in to a method that represents domain username, from razor view, called via JS: <script type="text/javascript"> function editResource() { ... var user = '@Context.User.Identity.Name'; $.post(url, ... skipped }); } &l

    Tags: string, replace
  • Replacing "\\n" in string Java 2015-12-22

    I have the following piece of code: String text = "Category:Bishopsq\\nxof La2on</target></link></sentence>\\n</paragraph><paragraph>".toString().replaceAll("(\n|\\n)", "").trim().replaceAll(&quo

    Tags: string, java, replace
  • Remove Part of String Before the Last Forward Slash 2015-11-17

    The program I am currently working on retrieves URLs from a website and puts them into a list. What I want to get is the last section of the URL. So, if the first element in my list of URLs is "

    Tags: regex, string, python, replace
  • Replace Exact String in Java 2015-08-14

    This is the string I got: http://sdsadasd/time/time.jsp?tp=&a Now I want to replace the second time.jsp with java.jsp but not the first "time"? How can I achieve it? I already tried this but it did not work: replaceAll("\\btime.jsp"", "java.jsp")

    Tags: regex, string, java, replace
  • ant: replace double empty line with single 2015-03-19

    I am trying to set up an script that goes through each file and replace all consecutive empty lines with just one empty line. something like: aaa bbb converted to aaa bbb so far I have: <replace file="web.xml" value=""> <replacefilter>

    Tags: ant, replace
  • Use alternative braces 2015-03-17

    How can i use alternative braces in By default '{' and '}' are used for placeholders but i want to use '[' and ']'. After a long search I discovered a function UseAlternativeBraces(), but when I used it, the formatted text stops befo

    Tags: replace, format,
  • Replacing Strings Java 2015-03-01

    I have this function to check if some words appear in a specific line, and then surround them with a given char. The code above works like a charm, however since the words in the string array "words" are always low case, the words will be lower case

    Tags: string, java, buffer, replace, lowercase
  • Replace regex occurences 2015-02-09

    I have an input string: "hello [you], this is [me]" I have a function which maps a string to a string (hardcoded for the sake of simplicity): public String map(final String input) { if ("you".equals(input)) { return "SO"; } else if ("me".equals(input

    Tags: regex, java, replace
  • Linux - Replacing a string in a file 2015-02-04

    I have a file that contains the following portion of text: --------------begin------------------ uncomment for static IP iface eth0 inet static address netmask network gateway iface eth1 inet dhcp

    Tags: unix, string, linux, replace
  • How do I replace linefeeds that come after a specific string with a comma in UNIX 2015-02-04

    I have some line feeds which come after a certain string, but I want to replace these with commas in unix (but leave all other line feeds alone) I.e. replace all linefeeds that come after "black and white' The cat is black and white(linefeed)born in

    Tags: unix, replace, linefeed
  • T-SQL Replace Multiple Values with Wildcards 2015-01-26

    I want to replace characters , and /. I can do this with: DECLARE @OMG VARCHAR(200) SET @OMG = 'ABC,DE/F' SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(@OMG,'/','|') ,',','|') The second query does not work however. Is there just typo or the task cannot be achieved with th

    Tags: sql, sql server 2008, string, replace, wildcard
  • Regex to replace substring (if not the start of a word) 2015-01-19

    I'm handling tweets like @Alice @ home. I want to convert user mentions to normal words (e.g. @Alice => Alice) but keep the individual @ as a surrogate for at. So simply replacing all occurrences of @ won't work. I found out about the concept of w

    Tags: regex, python, replace

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