• QT Build Error ' Expected a platform name ' (Xcode 6.3.2 / OS X 10.10 / Qt 5.4.2) 2019-03-16

    OS X 10.10, Xcode 6.3.2, Qt 5.4.2 clang 64bit After moving to Yosemite and QT 5 I can't build my C++ project on Mac anymore. I get the next errors after clean,qmake and rebuild: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Dev

    Tags: osx, xcode, qt5
  • Add QMdiSubWindow to current QStackedLayout 2018-03-07

    So I have this code: QStackedLayout *layout = new QStackedLayout; QMdiArea *mdi1 = new QMdiArea; mdi1->addSubWindow(new QMdiSubWindow); layout->addWidget(mdi1); QMdiArea *a = (QMdiArea *) layout->currentWidget(); a->addSubWindow(new QMdiSubWin

    Tags: qmdiarea, qt5, qt5.4
  • Need Qt QPA and X11 clarification 2017-12-11

    I tried to understand Qts platform handling for hours now, but I dont get it. For my hotkey handling I currently use a mixture of X11extras for getting display, xlib for key conversions and xcb for the Qt native event handling. Three libs to link. An

    Tags: x11, xcb, qt5
  • fontComboBox QSettings application unexpectedly quits 2017-07-17

    I am trying to implement QSettings in an editor of mine. I am trying to implement it for font changes. However, whenever I start up my program it exits immediately. Here's my code: When I change the font in my font box. void SquareIDE::on_fontBox_cur

    Tags: qt4, qsettings, qt5
  • Issue on Connect function in Qt/C++ 2016-11-12

    I have wrote a app in Qt / C++ and trying to use connect signal/slots to interact between classes. All slot/signals are declared but I'm still not able to build the MainUI MainUI::MainUI(PFramework& Framework) : m_Framework(Framework) { m_closing = f

    Tags: qt5
  • draw background on custom QStyledItemDelegate like

    draw background on custom QStyledItemDelegate like 2016-04-21

    I have a table and am trying to add a custom delegate following the example from the qt documentation. However, while the background color seems to be correct the overlay seems to be missing, in case the row is selected (Note the difference in the co

    Tags: qitemdelegate, qt5, qstyleditemdelegate
  • QMap with multifields 2015-11-02

    I need to store some data of table type like a QTableWidget but without a GUI. Something along the line of the following code: QMap<QString, QString, int, QString, int> Is there a way of achieve this in Qt? My Qt version is 5.3. --------------Soluti

    Tags: qmap, qt5
  • ListView.onRemove animation vs childrenRect.height 2015-07-20

    I noticed strange behaviour in ListView childrenRect.height when I am removing elements from its model with ListView.onRemove animation. When I remove all elements except the last one, childrenRect.height property is wrong, but contentHeight property

    Tags: qml, qt quick, qt5, qtquick2, qtquickcontrols
  • Howto retrieve the running qt version in qt5? 2015-03-17

    I want to know the version of Qt my app is currently running with? Not the aboutQt Dialog of QMessageBox or QApplication! Is there a string or a int which defines the Qt version? Or any API call? I'm using Qt 5.4.1. Thanks! --------------Solutions---

    Tags: qt5
  • A qt4 program won't open when system linked to qt5 by homebrew, but another does 2015-02-11

    I am using homebrew on OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) and have compiled the program "qtikz" (http://www.hackenberger.at/blog/ktikz-editor-for-the-tikz-language/). Before that, I installed Qt4 (brew install qt). Qt is linked to qt4, for instance: qmake -v re

    Tags: osx, qt4, qt5
  • QDockWidget tabify/splitDockWidget weird behavior / bug?

    QDockWidget tabify/splitDockWidget weird behavior / bug? 2015-01-26

    I have an application with MdiChilds which should contain multiple QDockWidgets. I am however having troubles splitting/tabbing up the Widgets so that they produce the desired default layout. I basically want a layout like this: Widget 4 is created l

    Tags: qt4.8, qt5
  • Sending a big buffer through uart in Qt5 2015-01-19

    I'm a beginner in Qt. Now I want to use Qt5 to send a 9-byte command through uart. Here is my command: FFFFFF5550464DAA0E I want to transfer my command to a Qstring object. When I write my code like this, it tells me the const is too big. QString str

    Tags: qstring, qt5
  • How to specify compiler flag to a single source file with qmake? 2014-12-29

    While other source files use the default flags? Some of my source files need some extra C++ preprocessor defines. I use Qt 5. I only found QMAKE_CXXFLAGS is for global use in qmake projects. --------------Solutions------------- This is what used to b

    Tags: qmake, qtcore, qt5
  • cannot expand the progress bar to the full width of status bar 2014-12-15

    I want the progress bar to expand to the full width of status bar,but why there is a gap there? PS. can I add some text on the progress bar,there is no function like setText(), how can I do this ? Is there a widget there or something else ? import sy

    Tags: pyqt, pyside, qt5
  • Yocto + Qt5 on i.MX6 (FSL Community BSP): xcb dependency for webkit? 2014-11-13

    I am studying Yocto (dizzy) and I am trying to prepare an image for a Freescale i.MX6-based system. I started from the FSL Community BSP and then I've included the meta-qt5 layer. Then I've made some customization in by local.conf file, in order to b

    Tags: linux, embedded linux, qt5, yocto
  • QT5 JSON parsing from QByteArray 2014-11-13

    I have QByteArray,contains this JSON {"response": {"count":2, "items":[ {"name":"somename","key":1"}, {"name":"somename","key":1"} ]}} Need to parse and get the required data: QJsonDocument itemDoc = QJsonDocument::fromJson(answer); QJsonObject itemO

    Tags: parsing, qjson, qt5
  • How can I trigger the redraw of a QTableView inQt5? 2014-11-02

    I have implemented a simple QAbstractTableModel and attached it to a QTableView in Qt5. How can I trigger a repaint from a timer? The data changes every second? My naïve attempt does not work (no repaint occurs): connect(timer,SIGNAL(timeout()),table

    Tags: repaint, qtableview, qt5, qtimer
  • Filtering only dirs and xml file in QFileSystemModel in Qt 2014-09-19

    i have implemented a custom file browing dialog with the help of QListView QTreeView QFileSystemModel What i want ! a browsing dialog which use to browse xml file only. So i want to show dirs and xml files only in QListView if a dir has xml file then

    Tags: qt5
  • JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1) 2014-08-12

    I'm trying to load the Qt5Core library in my Android application and I get this: JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1) in /data/data/com.xxx.yyy/lib/libQt5Core.so 0x41a8f3c0 Failed to load library : Qt5Core due to link error unknown failure java.lang.

    Tags: jni, android, unsatisfiedlinkerror, android ndk, qt5
  • How to use QPushButton to continue program 2014-08-08

    I'm working on project to copy specific information from a server and a directory. It fully works as I want it to, so now I'm trying to create a GUI that describes what the program does, displays a progress bar, has 'Start' and 'Exit' buttons, and ma

    Tags: qdialog, qt5, qpushbutton

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