• Ruby NameError, uninitialized constant, using Prawn 2018-04-20

    Puzzled by this error: NameError in ProductionController#weekly_schedule uninitialized constant ProductionController::WeeklySchedulePdf I'm using prawn_rails gem, with the following code from the tutorial at

    Tags: ruby, ruby on rails, prawn
  • Delayed Job with Prawn and Prawnto 2014-05-15

    I currently generate a report for a single user using prawn and prawnto. When the user clicks on download report, the controller action gets called which then uses PRAWNTO to call the report.pdf.prawn which is in my view. This is all good MVC structu

    Tags: ruby on rails, prawn, delayed job, prawnto
  • Prawn PDF Image Comes With Text 2014-01-09

    I am using prawn pdf in Rails 3. I try to embed an image into my pdf file using image "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/logo.png", :height => 30 The resulting PDF consists of the logo, which is good. However there is this line: #<Prawn::Images::

    Tags: ruby on rails, prawn
  • Controlling content flow with Prawn

    Controlling content flow with Prawn 2013-06-24

    Let's say we want to display a title on the first page that takes up the top half of the page. The bottom half of the page should then fill up with our article text, and the text should continue to flow over into the subsequent pages until it runs ou

    Tags: ruby, prawn
  • How to generate PDF forms in Ruby-on-Rails 2013-05-27

    I would like to generate PDF forms with radio buttons and submit buttons in it by using Ruby on Rails. Does anyone know if there is a Gem that can help with this task? I've looked into Prawn, Wicked PDF, and PDFKit but they don't seem to have this fe

    Tags: ruby, ruby on rails, pdf, pdf generation, prawn
  • prawn pdf group, transaction and rollback method problems 2012-04-24

    I'm trying to create a pdf report using prawn in a rails application. There are lots of sections that contain user generated content that I want to try and group together. Sometimes this will go over more that one page which results in a cannot group

    Tags: ruby on rails, pdf, prawn
  • Generating a PDF with Prawnto That Contains Image(s) 2012-04-11

    I did some research into the easiest/best way to generate a pdf in my RoR project and decided upon Prawn + Prawnto. I have successfully got Prawnto producing a very basic PDF using the .prawn extension, however I don't know how to display an image as

    Tags: ruby on rails, prawn, prawnto, ruby on rails 3
  • How to Wrap By Words in Prawn Table 2012-04-11

    I would like to create a prawn table where cell text is wrapped by words and not letters. I am already using shrink_to_fit, but it seems that prawn is wrapping based on letters. I would ideally want it to wrap on words alone (single_line is not an op

    Tags: ruby, prawn
  • Ruby on Rails & Prawn PDF - Create Customer List 2012-04-02

    I'm trying to produce a PDF report with Prawn, I can get it to do a report on a show action easily enough by passing the single ID but I want to produce one with every record in it. Like a standard rails scaffold index page. Using rails it would look

    Tags: ruby, ruby on rails, pdf, block, prawn
  • Printing prawn generated pdf 2012-03-19

    Using prawn gem for ruby-on-rails webpage, is it possible to send print request to printer device to print pdf page I've generated using prawn? --------------Solutions------------- Looks like you would want to use prawn-print. # Open print dialog, bu

    Tags: gem, ruby on rails, prawn
  • How can I generate a UPC barcode with Ruby? 2012-03-16

    I've been exploring this with Barby, which appears to be a very nice gem, but it doesn't seem to support UPC codes (which seems odd to me). Is there some other (good, clean) way to do this in Ruby? Or some way that I'm overlooking to generate UPCs wi

    Tags: ruby, barcode, prawn
  • Prawn Adding new line in table 2012-03-16

    I have the following code to build PDF document with Prawn: items = [["PERIOD","EMPLOYEE", "EMPLOYEE NAME", "HOURS", "FTES"]] items += do |mandate| [ mandate[:fte_period_end_date], mandate[:fte_employee_id], strname, mandate[:fte_s

    Tags: prawn
  • Using Prawn on Heroku 2012-03-12

    We are currently working on a Rails application hosted on Heroku. We are trying to generate a PDF and push it to the user to download. We are using Prawn to handle the PDF generation. Our code for generating the PDF is currently: Prawn::Document.gene

    Tags: ruby, ruby on rails, heroku, prawn, ruby on rails 3
  • Prawn text_box border 2012-03-12

    I'm using Prawn 2-0.2.4 to make pdf over Rails 3.1 application. I'm a great issue; I'm not able to see text_box border; this is my action: def firma_conducente text_box "Firma Conducente ________ Firma Cessionario _____", :rotate => 270, :size =

    Tags: ruby on rails, prawn
  • How to center table in prawn? 2012-03-08

    I have created a table in prawn and wanted to pass the :position option by whih is also documented in the manual but it throws off an Method_missing error. It seems like this parameter doesnt exist anymore. How can I center a table in prawn? --------

    Tags: ruby, ruby on rails, prawn
  • Add image in pdf using Prawn 2012-03-05

    I've a problem for adding images into a PDF using Prawn as pdf generator. I'm trying to add image using the following code: def header text "something" image "#{Prawn::DATADIR}/images/logo_small.png" end But app replies to me with the following error

    Tags: ruby on rails, prawn, ruby on rails 3
  • Rails 3 Render Prawn pdf in ActionMailer 2012-02-27

    How to render prawn pdf as attachment in ActionMailer? I use delayed_job and don't understand, how could I render pdf-file in action mailer (not in controller). What format should I use? --------------Solutions------------- You just need to tell Praw

    Tags: ruby on rails, actionmailer, prawn
  • Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2) 2012-02-20

    In production, I'm occasionally getting the following error: Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2) It only seems to be happening when I generate a PDF using the prawn gem that contains an image that was uploaded by paperclip/aws-sdk to

    Tags: ruby on rails, amazon s3, prawn, paperclip, ruby on rails 3
  • Prawn How can I fill a form Field using Prawn? 2012-02-17

    I'm using the Prawn Gem 0.12.0 in a rails 3.0 application. My document shows up fine with: class TemplatePdf < Prawn::Document def initialize filename= "#{Prawn::BASEDIR}/data/pdfs/RMA_Formular.pdf" super(:template => filename) text_box "2005-x

    Tags: ruby on rails, templates, prawn
  • Prawn: Print unicode string in PDF 2012-02-10

    I'm using Prawn to generate PDFs in a Rails 3 app. Is it possible to print a Unicode string into a PDF like in a HTML view? For example, <%= raw "unicode_for_ཀ" %> in show.html.erb results in the glyph ཀ while pdf.text raw "unicode_for_ཀ" in sh

    Tags: ruby, unicode, character encoding, prawn

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