• Convert date from dutch to english 2018-06-23

    I thought this going to be quite easy but it is not! I have date: mei 28, 2015 (dutch) and I would like to convert it to english Y-m-d Problem is site is multilang so I would like it to stay dynamic (replace mai to may) is not solution, I've already

    Tags: php, date, magento
  • input field: store decimal values with comma instead of a point in mysql database 2018-06-23

    I have an input field for a price. The entered value will be stored into a database, for example 13,99. In the MySQL database this field has the type decimal(10,2). What happens is that the price will only be stored correctly into the database if the

    Tags: php, mysql, localization
  • add image at header & footer on every page of pdf using dompdf 2018-06-22

    I am trying to create pdf file using dompdf. I want to show header and footer images on every page of pdf, but my problem is in html I know that, but it's too large html code so I am googled some other solution like used here

    Tags: php, html, css, pdf
  • How to access json_decode parameters in PHP 2018-06-22

    So, i'm trying to access some input fields in a form which I get with $data = json_encode($app->request->getBody()); It returns something like this after an echo $data: "groupname=group13&description=description" But I just can't figur

    Tags: php, arrays, json, post
  • Why am I not able to use this script in dreamweaver 2018-06-21

    I'm not able to use this code in php.. I'm using dreamweaver { <SCRIPT language = "JavaScript"> var counter = 0; // call Update function in 2 seconds after first load ID = window . setTimeout("Update();", 2000); function Update()

    Tags: php, javascript
  • Addition of two matrix using loop 2018-06-20

    These are my two matrices in four arrays: Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 ) [1] => Array ( [0] => 4 [1] => 5 ) ) Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 ) [1] => Array ( [0] => 4 [1] => 5 ) ) How can I add up

    Tags: php, matrix
  • read selected variable and then send back from table to controller 2018-06-18

    I am having a table with data from database called through codeigniter controller.What I want to do is read the selected value from within the table send it back to the controller and use those values to retrieve new records from DB and then load the

    Tags: php, mysql, javascript, codeigniter
  • How to get image file format if it doesn't have an extension? 2018-06-17

    I have a folder of image files. Some of them don't have any extension. I need to find their format and attach proper extension to them through PHP or shell programming in Linux/Ubuntu. Can anyone please help me how to do it? --------------Solutions--

    Tags: php
  • Could I use Capybara on frameworks outside Rails (PHP)? 2018-06-13

    I would like to test my php web app (specifically Magento) with Capybara. I've used Capybara with success when I used rails before so I want to replicate the success. Does anyone know if this is possible or maybe there is a Capybara for php? --------

    Tags: php, ruby on rails, magento, capybara
  • Convert PHP MySQL Code to MySQLi 2018-06-12

    I use the code below for a login system on my site. A lot of programmers on other sites said this code is not safe in any way, but the login system I created is huge. I can't rebuild it all, that takes ages for a beginner programmer in PHP. <?php $de

    Tags: php, mysql, mysqli
  • Android/PHP: how to POST/GET JSON data from Android to php 2018-06-11

    Android/PHP: how to POST/GET JSON data from Android to php? Currently I am stuck at a point where I am sending JSONObject data to php but getting NULL values always in response. What I want: I am sending 'username' and 'password' from Android in the

    Tags: php, json, android
  • php code to display 1 or 0 based on two dates 2018-06-11

    table name holidaymaster id Date 1 12-04-2015 My form has two filters. fromdate todate If user select FromDate = 01-05-2015 AND Todate = 31-05-2015 then it display all days between fromdate and todate in header. If Days between fromdate and todate is

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Multiple select option selected will be view in another html element using javascript or jquery 2018-06-07

    I have a multiple select option on html like this : <div class="control-group"> <label class="control-label" for="selectError1">Ditujukan untuk :</label> <div class="controls"> <select id=

    Tags: php, javascript, jquery
  • how to convert in url " _" to "-" useing htaccess 2018-06-07

    This question already has an answer here: In htaccess, I'd like to replace underscores with hyphens and then redirect the user the new url 2 answers I have a URL that looks like: How would I go about converting that URL

    Tags: php, .htaccess
  • Google Maps for every single record 2018-06-05

    This is my situation: I have clinics in database.The problem is that i want to show location for every single clinic in google maps. I try couple ways but they didn't work.Show only for one clinic not for all. My question: Is it possible and if is, h

    Tags: php, javascript, google maps, google maps api 3
  • How to decode SCC file? 2018-06-04

    After severals researches on Google and Github, I'm coming here to ask for help. I'm creating a SCC file parser in order to convert it to a DFXP file. Nevertheless, I can't find any information to obtain plain text from SCC file. SCC file example : S

    Tags: php, file, parsing, decode
  • Send mailer Symfony2 2018-06-04

    I use Symfony2. My Action send a message and then redirect to a page. Like this public function myAction() { ... some code ... sendMessageWithSwiftMailer() .... return $this->redirect(Url); } This code work. But Url takes so much time to be opened. H

    Tags: php, sendmail, symfony2
  • Restore magento quote after payment was refused 2018-06-04

    I'm creating a magento payment extension which does the following: When the user clicks on checkout in the merchant site, he gets redirected to a web site (like paypal) where he inputs his payment data. If the payment method fails, the user gets redi

    Tags: php, magento
  • How to multiply session values 2018-06-02

    I am trying to create a menu booking. if i select meal set 1 , the price is $100, meal set 2, the price is $200 and this selected value will multiple the amount of tables request below is my code but the price is showing $0 in total. if($_POST['Radio

    Tags: php
  • update my JOIN table 2018-05-31

    I have built a system where I can create a category and a document. the categories live in the cat_list table and the documents live in the doc_list table. there is a column in the doc_list table called cat_no which takes an array or the categories t

    Tags: php, mysql, pdo

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