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  • Paw REST Client - generate objects from JSON response 2019-02-08

    Are there plans for enabling PAW to generate code from the JSON response? Or exponse a javascript API to do that? I would like to generate obj-c or swift classes based on the response. --------------Solutions------------- It's true that no code gener

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  • PAW, how to grep value from response and set it as environment variable 2017-06-18

    I have to usually run the following concept. 1. Login 2. Do some other requests When I login, I receive a token that I can use in the Authorisation header in my other requests. Can I somehow grep a value from the login request, set it as value to an

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  • Slow requests PAW REST client trial 2014-12-11

    I am evaluating the PAW REST client trial and get extremely slow response time. Same request with browser take about 150ms and 5-6 seconds with PAW. Is that normal or have I missed something?

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