• How to make non-blocking OpenSSL connection? 2019-02-13

    I want make a non-blocking OpenSSL connection On this connection - if no data available for read, then entire program execution flow make stop on SSL_read(). I want so that if no data available for read it give me the returns values like WANT_READ an

    Tags: openssl, nonblocking
  • Installing OpenSSH on Ubuntu 14.04 2018-10-05

    I'm trying to install openssh in Ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded the tar.gz file, unpacked it, and ran ./config. I got this error message: \*** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) *** I looked online, and it was suggested that

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, openssh, openssl
  • Compiling gsoap with OpenSSL on Windows 2018-07-31

    I have searched everywhere online and no solutions work I'm getting soap_rand not defined along with a lot of other functions as well. Any ideas? I've tried using VS2013 C++ compiler and MingW32. My latest attempt looked like this: LDFLAGS+=" -L/c/op

    Tags: windows, openssl, gsoap, mingw32
  • Generate Subject Hash of X509Certificate in Java 2018-06-25

    I'm currently trying to generate the subject hash by using the Java Security API and BouncyCastle. Here's what I do, when I use the Openssl Library: openssl x509 -in /Users/Sn0wfreezeDev/Downloads/Test.pem -hash This generates a short 8 digit hash 18

    Tags: java, hash, openssl, x509certificate, bouncycastle
  • Nodejs crypto setEngine 2017-11-05

    I'm trying to load gost openssl engine with crypto.setEngine function. The only working way was to specify a full path to dylib (e.g. "/opt/local/lib/engines/libgost.dylib'"). But I still can not use digest from loaded engine. Call to crypto.cre

    Tags: openssl, node.js
  • xmlsec library - obtain subject of signing key 2017-07-22

    I am using the xmlsec library to verify the signature of an SAML assertion. My code is almost identical to the verify4.c example provided on the xmlsec web page. I am linking against the xmlsec-openssl lib, so using openssl as the crypto engine. I wa

    Tags: openssl, xmlsec, xmlsec1
  • wget no default certificates 2016-03-29

    I'm having trouble with verification of custom server ssl certificates and wget. wget -O- --ca-certificate=myservercert.pem This should FAIL but does not, as wget does somehow also include the "default trusted" certificate

    Tags: wget, openssl
  • cmake - osx/mac - openssl brew 2016-01-20

    i am using the following cmake commands # Search OpenSSL find_package(PkgConfig REQUIRED) pkg_search_module(OPENSSL REQUIRED openssl) if( OPENSSL_FOUND ) include_directories(${OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIRS}) message(STATUS "Using OpenSSL ${OPENSSL_VERSION}&qu

    Tags: osx, brew, openssl, cmake
  • What MAC (Message Authentication Code) algorithms supported on OpenSSL? 2015-11-16

    What MAC (Message Authentication Code) algorithms supported on OpenSSL? I found hmac and gost-mac (ccgost). Others ? --------------Solutions------------- What MAC (Message Authentication Code) algorithms supported on OpenSSL? HMAC, GMAC and CMAC. GMA

    Tags: openssl
  • Why does -reconnect create new session on localhost? 2015-03-17

    I run two commands: 1) openssl s_client -connect -reconnect 2) openssl s_client -connect -reconnect When I run the first command, the -reconnect option does not reuse the older session. However, when I run the second co

    Tags: ssl, session, openssl, localhost
  • Why doesn't `` prompt for a missing password in JRuby? 2015-03-13

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to make JRuby prompt for a missing password (as MRI Ruby does) when is called without a password. For example, given this script: # example.rb require 'openssl' def test pemkey_text, pe

    Tags: ruby, rubygems, jruby, openssl, privatekey
  • Port SSL Communcation from Windows to Mac 2015-02-25

    I have a TCP Server and Client for Windows, written in Delphi. I am trying to port them to Mac, but can't seem to be able to properly configure SSL. In Windows the application has the method set to SSLv2 and a self signed openssl certificate file and

    Tags: ssl, cocoa, tcp, openssl, asyncsocket
  • Implement SSL in chat application (server) Android 2015-02-09

    I am trying to implement a server/client, for encrypted chat communication. The first thing that I want to do is to encrypt the traffic through SSL. I am planning to buy an Ubuntu VPS, that will be my server. I already have the server/client non-encr

    Tags: python, ssl, https, android, openssl
  • MySQL SSL setup failure 2015-02-09

    I am following word by word of for creating SSL certificates to setup SSL enable replication but it is not working for me. Steps which I am following: Using above reference I have created

    Tags: mysql, ssl, openssl
  • wrong BIGNUM initialization in OpenSSL 2015-01-19

    I have a code like this: BIGNUM *p = BN_new(), *B = BN_new(), *a = BN_new(), *ret = BN_new(); BN_bin2bn((uchar*)"\x01\x02x03",3,p); BN_bin2bn((uchar*)"\x02\x03x04",3,B); BN_bin2bn((uchar*)"\x03\x04x05",3,a); Print_Format("p: %s",BN_bn2dec(p)); //expe

    Tags: bignum, openssl
  • Call to undefined function openssl_decrypt 2015-01-14

    When I try to make a request with POST to a script that has this line: $decrypted_data = openssl_decrypt($encrypted_data, 'AES-256-CBC', $key); I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function openssl_decrypt() in mypath/usuario_web

    Tags: php, openssl, php openssl
  • Setting up SSL certificates for MongoDB 2014-12-29

    I tried to use this to set up my MongoDB deployment to use SSL, and I'm getting a certificate verification error: 2014-12-29T09:23:48.225+0000 [conn5] ERROR: SSL peer certificate validation failed:self signed certificate 2014-12-29T09:23:48.225+0000

    Tags: ssl, openssl, mongodb
  • Trouble reinstalling mysql on Mac OSX 10.7 2014-12-11

    I have just install mysql by "brew install mysql". Then I typed mysql and it gave me the below error. myjeans$ mysql dyld: Library not loaded: @@[email protected]@/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.1.0.0.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/mysql Reason: image

    Tags: openssl
  • How to verify intermediate CA 2014-12-08

    I have SSL connection to server. I had root CA and it was also the server certificate. I don't have a client certificate, when connection starts client verifies the server certificate and if it's valid connects. Now I've created Intermediate CA from

    Tags: ssl, openssl, x509
  • Can't install Composer Dependency management 2014-12-04

    Trying to install Composer dependency management tool on Win7/32 + WampServer 2.2 via the Setup Installer and I am getting the following message: The openssl extension is missing, which will reduce the security and stability of Composer. If possible

    Tags: php, openssl, wamp, composer php

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