• Can i use only _ (underscore) for the name of the class? 2018-12-06

    Can i use only _ (underscore) for the name of the class if yes then how object will be create and if no then why not? class _{ } --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you can use only underscore for the class name. class _{ function __construct()

    Tags: php, oop
  • Need Clarification on Using OOP and DRY Method in Python 2018-11-12

    I'm trying to keep my code clean by applying OOP and DRY method; however, I found myself stuck with the following questions. 1) Since checkremote and backup method are dependent on the sshlogin method, is there another way to write it so that my obje

    Tags: python, oop, dry
  • error C2039: 'get_quest_dynstr' : is not a member of '`global namespace' 2018-10-10

    I get this error Error 2 error C2039: 'get_quest_dynstr' : is not a member of '`global namespace'' e:\phase3a\tdisk\workspace\cbs\source\cbs\schedapp\source\treesearchbox.cpp 17 1 SchedApp Error 3 error C2039: 'CheckCommand' : is not a member of '`gl

    Tags: oop
  • How to set/unset multiple accounts for API credentials 2018-08-21

    I have an app that saves multiple user accounts for retrieving data from my API. There is always one account set to be active or flagged TRUE. When I select a different account I deactivate previously active account and activate selected account or s

    Tags: oop, iphone, ios, core data, swift
  • Calling of Constructors in a Java 2018-07-13

    In the book Java: The complete reference // Demonstrate when constructors are called. // Create a super class. class A { A() { System.out.println("Inside A's constructor."); } } // Create a subclass by extending class A. class B extends A { B()

    Tags: java, oop, constructor
  • How to implement an abstract class? 2018-06-16

    How to implement an abstract class in Go? As Go doesn't allow us to have fields in interfaces, that would be a stateless object. So, in other words, is it possible to have some kind of default implementation for a method in Go? Consider an example: t

    Tags: oop, interface
  • Pattern for choosing behaviour based on the types present in a collection derived objects 2018-05-26

    I have an collection of objects which represents a model of a system. Each of these objects derives from a base class which represents the abstract "component". I would like to be able to look at the system and choose certain behaviours based on

    Tags: design patterns, oop, inheritance, virtual functions
  • PHP OOP - Array of classes within a class 2018-04-19

    I was wondering how you can define an array of objects within another object. For example, let's say I have a class called "User", and another class called "Address". A user can list an unlimited number of addresses. How do I do this?

    Tags: php, oop
  • General questions about object-oriented programming in PHP 2018-04-06

    I was wondering if someone could tell me if I am understanding php oop correctly. I have some coding background but not a lot and I am completely new to oop and I don't know anyone that could possibly give me some guidance. 1st Classes With classes y

    Tags: php, oop
  • JavaScript Inheritance Object.call() undefined 2018-03-24

    I am attempting to create an object-oriented approach to my program. I read that this should create an inheritance of World from Sprite with Sprite being the parent, but Sprite.call(this, imagePath) comes up as imagePath is undefined. I would assume

    Tags: javascript, oop, inheritance, object
  • JavaScript child object access own values 2017-09-14

    So I have this one big parent object which has multiple childs that need to calculate their values using the parents values and their own values. Here's a quick example to show you the idea: function Parent(stuff, otherStuff){ this.pValue = 4; this.c

    Tags: javascript, oop, object, parent child
  • Swift - mixing abstract and concrete methods 2017-06-24

    Swift has no abstract classes and methods. Instead, it offers protocols. That's fine when your classes are either fully abstract or fully concrete. But what is the best 'Swift' way to implement an abstract class that also has concrete methods? Pseudo

    Tags: oop, ios, abstract class, swift
  • Validity Method for Reference Classes 2017-05-05

    In S4 I might do something like this: setClass( "test", slots=c(a="integer"), validity=function(object) if(length([email protected]) != 1L) "not scalar" else TRUE ) What is the equivalent for reference classes? I could not find any re

    Tags: oop
  • Pickle Dump to save an object within the class 2017-05-04

    Let's say I have a class like this:- class MyClass: some object here some other object here def init(self, some parameters): do something def some_other_method(self, param): something else def save(self, path): PICKLE DUMP THIS OBJECT def load(self,

    Tags: python, oop, class, pickle
  • Can we add php comments before declaring namespace 2016-10-06

    I would like to add php comments before declaring namespace. <?php /* * This is custom namespace * Purpose : to give an example of namespace **/ namespace myNameSpace{ class myNewClass{ /* code */ } } ?> This does not throw any errors but I am not s

    Tags: php, namespaces, oop
  • Java inheritance and hidden public fields 2016-08-15

    I have a small jUnit test class to test inheritance. public class ClassDerivationTest { @Test public void testChild() { ChildClass child = new ChildClass(); // Implicit boolean as it is hiding the super value child.value = true; // one way to update

    Tags: java, oop, inheritance, shortcut
  • Strange (for me) error in Python OOP 2016-07-28

    I'm a newbie and I'm having a really strange (like in the title, for me) problem. This is the code: from random import shuffle class Carta: listaSemi=[" ","Bastoni","Spade","Coppe","Denari"] listaValori=[&

    Tags: python, oop
  • Better performace in tree walkthrough 2016-05-21

    I'm trying to walkthrough one tree and copoy it to another tree. Here is my code: Public Shared Function GetConstGroupsByVehicleId(ByVal groups As Entities.ListQuickGroups) As List(Of IDC.ConstGroupNode) Dim node As New IDC.ConstGroupNode node.ChildN

    Tags: performance, oop, vb.net, tree
  • OOP PHP Safe Project 2016-04-18

    I have this "safe" project to get the basics down just to become more familiar with OOP. Here is my code: chest.php <?php class safe{ public $isLocked = true; public $isClosed = true; public function unlock(){ if ($this->isLocked == true)

    Tags: php, html, oop
  • What does this MATLAB class to and why isn't it working on my PC? 2016-04-08

    The very first one in this documentation: http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_oop/getting-familiar-with-classes.html The class is: classdef BasicClass properties Value end methods function r = roundOff(obj) r = round([obj.Value],2); end funct

    Tags: matlab, oop, syntax, class, function

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