• Changing values after MySql DB Collection 2019-02-18

    I currently collect data from a mysql table then post the data using Curl. The values are : title : surname : email Max Test [email protected] How do i collect the data then change the feild names for post to : MainTitle : Lastname : MainEmail Max Test ma

    Tags: php, mysql
  • node-mysql slow insert with multiple queries 2019-02-16

    I am new to node-mysql but I am having a speed issue that is worrysome because of how simple it is. I am working with a fairly reasonable amount of data (2000 mysql entries) and entering it via connection.query() has become very slow when I use multi

    Tags: mysql, javascript, node mysql
  • Incorrect string value: '\xC2\x9Fe 10-' for column 2019-02-13

    We have a Old 5.1 Mysql server running on server 2003. Recently we move to a newer environment with Mysql 5.6 and server 2008. Now on the new server we keep getting errors when inserting special chars like 'Ã'. Now I have checked the source encoding

    Tags: mysql, character encoding, mysql odbc connector
  • Auto Complete Jquery/Sql 2019-02-12

    I want to Ask About jQuery Auto Complete with MySQL. Auto Complete means it gives suggestions or input available in a Drop-down. I got a Theme For my CP and doing some work but this one took the Whole day. I can do any thing in just 2 - 3 Hours. But

    Tags: php, mysql, jquery
  • Laravel joins using different database query 2019-02-11

    I am constructing this query in my Laravel controller; $payments = DB::table('payments')->leftJoin('postcodes.201502_postcode', 'payments.Vendor ZIP', '=', '201502_postcode.postcode'); foreach ($input as $key => $value) { $payments = $payments->l

    Tags: php, mysql, laravel, laravel 5
  • How to join two tables with ssp.class.php 2019-02-07

    I started using DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery and got some problems. I am using example code from here. I have MySQL table witch looks like that: id | name | father_id father_id is id value in same table only in different row. So if I want to k

    Tags: php, mysql, datatables
  • query of showing same data (or value) twice with different months in mysql

    query of showing same data (or value) twice with different months in mysql 2019-02-02

    Suppose I have a user table that records user id and I have a Bill_record table that records bills of months of user. let assume XYZ did not pay bills of Jan and Feb. Now at March I want to see the list of due users of previous months. if run select

    Tags: mysql, java, phpmyadmin
  • Mysql Join - Filter results based on two max values 2019-01-30

    I am having the following data set: +----+------------+------+-------+----------+ | id | date | week | time | price | +----+------------+------+-------+----------+ | 1 | 2015-05-01 | 24 | 13:25 | 1.251325 | | 2 | 2015-05-01 | 24 | 14:25 | 1.251256 |

    Tags: mysql
  • How to change image file name before uploading to database in php 2019-01-19

    How to rename the file of image before inserting into database? DB name :Project Table Name: image ields: id (int), file (varchar) [image url stored here], name (varchar) [image description] HTML Codes GOES HERE <form method="POST" action=&qu

    Tags: php, mysql, html
  • Hashed password must be sanitized? 2019-01-18

    It's just a curiosity. If you encrypt a password (using sha1 or other methods) before inserting it in a query, it must be anyway sanitized? Or the hash's result is always safe? This simple code are safe? $salt = "123xcv"; $password = $_POST['pas

    Tags: database, mysql, hash, sql injection
  • UPDATE SET = SELECT FROM 2019-01-18

    I am trying to update table based on a select query using this: UPDATE branches SET name = (SELECT CONCAT(," ",bra.subsurb) as newname FROM companies comp RIGHT JOIN branches bra ON = bra.company_id) Which, according to this que

    Tags: mysql
  • Order table based on specific column count 2019-01-10

    I have a projects table with the following columns id, project_name, remix_of A project can be a remix of another project and the id of the project being remixed is stored in the remix_of column id | project_name | remix_of --------------------------

    Tags: mysql, sql, laravel
  • Having Joins query with limit 10 on second table 2019-01-09

    I have designer and design table designer has many designs I want to get all designers with 10 designs for each designer Is there way I can do it in a single query in either postgresql, mysql --------------Solutions------------- For best performance

    Tags: mysql, sql, postgresql
  • MySQL Event query error #1064 2019-01-09

    I'm trying to create an event for MySQL which should change some values when the date (Datum) is less than today. I used the CURDATE() format because that works best for me. CREATE EVENT `test_event_date` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 MINUTE DO BEGIN UPDATE us

    Tags: mysql
  • multiple input type file element jquery ajax php mysql 2019-01-03

    I wan to put 2 input type file in my project meaning i want to be able to upload twice in one insert query. I am searching for sample but i have yet to find any. the only related article i found is this but is does not say much. When i say multiple i

    Tags: php, mysql, ajax, jquery, pdo
  • Beginner Help: PHP MySQL (PDO) Function 2018-12-31

    I am trying to learn PHP and setup a user access based website. I finally found a template that is mostly simple to use and implement. However after hours of struggling to modify the template I have to kindly ask for assistance. The following code wo

    Tags: php, mysql, pdo
  • Where clause without operator 2018-12-27

    While trying to answer this question, I found a syntax which I would have considered wrong select * from table where area and block I tried an sqlFiddle, and found it was valid. But I've been unable to find how it works (all the doc I found was inclu

    Tags: mysql
  • Converting same date on my database and html 2018-12-24

    good day! i am a newbie in php and i have something to ask. I have a database fieldname date_reserved which is the date format is ex. June-12-2015. My problem is I can't convert my html code on the same format like whats inside my database. when i tr

    Tags: php, mysql, html
  • have left join on 2 columns from first table 2018-12-16

    I have a question about MySQL syntax. I have below 2 tables Name table ID Routing start end 1 Route 1 RTM1 RTM5 2 Route 2 RTM1 RTM4 3 Route 3 RTM3 RTM2 Location table ID Code Name Address 1 RTM1 Test1 Address1 2 RTM2 Test2 Address2 3 RTM3 Test3 Addre

    Tags: mysql, left join
  • MySQL: How to create table with auto incrementing column via script 2018-12-16

    I am new to MySQL and hope someone can help me with this. I want to create a simple table with two special settings: a two-column primary key including the columns "de" and "location" an auto incrementing column "tID" that ge

    Tags: mysql, auto increment, create table

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