• Restrict autoincrement on MYSQL when insert duplicate record 2018-09-22

    When I go to insert duplicate value and ignore that value to insert in column 'tagName' then id is increasing automaitcally but I do not need to jump the ID's Here I have is with a table with two columns -- INNODB - ID(autoincrement), tagName(unique

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Encrypt Data on mySql server without using php function 2018-09-22

    I have system which will interact with customers and customers will insert their personal and confidential data. We are using Laravel 5. Can we encrypt data in mysql server without using any PHP functions?. Same way we should be able to retrieve data

    Tags: php, mysql, security, encryption
  • Hibernate query "or condition" won't work 2018-09-20

    I am trying the following hibernate query but it always gives me a wrong result: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @Override public List<Jcelulasmin> getAllOthers(int id, String username) { Session session = this.sessionFactory.getCurrentSess

    Tags: mysql, sql, java, hibernate, hql
  • how to convert .sql file to .xlsx(excel) without third party tools 2018-09-17

    i am using mysql server using mysqldump import command i have taken backup of my database in backup.sql file Now i want convert this file in MS excel2010 please suggest me easy way with out using any third party tools .Thank you --------------Solutio

    Tags: mysql, sql, excel, excel 2010
  • Mysql and node async.waterfall 2018-09-13

    I am trying to find out if the record exists in my database table. If it does not exist there, then I want to add it to my database. I use node and using async.waterfall. But something is wrong with my code and I could not find what. It does not add

    Tags: mysql, javascript, node.js
  • multiple form insert query mysql

    multiple form insert query mysql 2018-09-08

    is there anyone know how to format this array in a loop so that it will insert in a database in a single query but in a loop way using php. I'm making a multiple form by the way. here's the array format of the field and this is my form looks like Arr

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Need to handle large database 2018-09-05

    I am having table with 9 columns and 400000 Records. I am using php and mysql for database. The problem I am facing is it takes quite a long time to fetch the particular data or search the records. So can anyone please suggest me should I use other d

    Tags: database, php, mysql
  • Getting Correct value of ID and Populate to Modal Popup 2018-08-31 see the link above for the image. the image show the process if i click my selected tables, it cannot select the correct data. here is my code.

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Android - Getting information from online database 2018-08-28

    I have created online database consisting of a table with four rows, KEY_ID, KEY_SLOT_NAME, KEY_AVAILABLE_SLOT, and KEY_TOTAL_SLOT. Each of them has their own rows and assigned a default value and only KEY_AVAILABLE_SLOT will have its values changed.

    Tags: mysql, android
  • Create trigger to update the table row 2018-08-28

    Hi there i would like to create a trigger for (It's MYSQL) what i had first, which doetn't work correct, keep getting project_id to 0 and hash value and insert the project_id_md5. CREATE TRIGGER project_auto_md5 BEFORE INSERT ON project FOR EACH ROW

    Tags: mysql, sql, triggers
  • how do i put variables inside a mysql query? 2018-08-28

    I have two variables like this $date1 = $_POST['f_date1']; $date2 = $_POST['f_date2']; is this the correct way of putting it inside? $sql = "SELECT location, COUNT(*) as Referrals, SUM(CASE WHEN leadstatus = 'Hired' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as Hired, SUM(C

    Tags: mysql
  • send and retrive arabic data from mysql database 2018-08-26

    I want to bring Arabic data from mysql database I wrote the php code but it gives me ????? on arabic data any help to make it wokrs ?? <?php header('Content-Type: charset=utf-8'); $link=mysqli_connect("localhost","root",""

    Tags: php, mysql, utf 8, android, arabic
  • Why can't I use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA in a sub-select? 2018-08-26

    I am trying to prune a table in a database using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA. To test the DELETE I am using a SELECT to see if the data is coming back correctly. I want to delete the data from based on whether or not the database exists. Th

    Tags: mysql
  • PHP + Mysql Select and Count 2018-08-22

    I need get specific values and count all values from a MySQL table, i need get the best performance, my question is: What is better and faster? - Use two separate queries: $TBCount = $Resps = $MySQL->query('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T1'); $Resps = $MySQL-

    Tags: php, mysql, sql
  • Making a graph in php, mysql with highcharts 2018-08-16

    I need make a graph in highcharts, but I need to get the values from mysql until now I only can add the timestamp value, but still left the other value to the Y graph, Im new in all this I hope you can give some help, the other value I need to use is

    Tags: php, mysql, javascript, highcharts
  • Output query data in other format for chart to recognize 2018-08-11

    I have a database in which a script extracts sales information from a site. column id name date quantity 1 test 2015-05-14 07:10:07 1 All this data is added by date SELECT DATE("Date"), SUM(quantity) FROM downloads GROUP BY DATE("Date"

    Tags: php, mysql, highcharts
  • SQL count values from same column 2018-08-07

    Hi I have mysql table named content where i have a column "status" which have 3 values, converted, negotiating and received. now i want to count how many have status received, negotiating, and converted for developing a chart. here is what i use

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Fill gaps within an array with previous values 2018-07-29

    I have a table called salary_raise which looks like: id | employee_id | salary | year | month | date 1 | 1 | 1000 | 2014 | 2 | 2014-01-30 2 | 1 | 1200 | 2015 | 3 | 2015-02-20 3 | 1 | 1300 | 2015 | 4 | 2015-03-29 ... and so on for multiple employees.

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Unable to connect to mysql from java. mysql in another system 2018-07-26

    i wanted to connect to mysql from java code where mysql is in another system. i have created a user in another machine "nilotpal". Other machine address is I am able to ping to this machine. where am i missing?? can someone help?!

    Tags: mysql, java
  • Eror: Migrations are pending. To resolve this issue, run: bin/rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development

    Eror: Migrations are pending. To resolve this issue, run: bin/rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development 2018-07-26

    I'm using: rails 4.2.1; ruby 2.1.5p273 (2014-11-13 revision 48405) [i386-mingw32]; spree 3.0.1 database: MySQL After installing spree success, I let it run, then it appears above error.I've used: bundle exec rake test:prepare, bundle exec rake db:mig

    Tags: ruby, mysql, ruby on rails

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