• Error:Deploy TileStache at Apache in Windows 2017-09-12

    I want to develop a webgis,I have produce a mbtiles file by Tilemill.Now I prepare to use tilestache-seed.py to cut this mbtiles file as tiles by tilestache and show in Apache by mod_wsgi.I have some problems as follow: 1.I deploy the tilestache in a

    Tags: apache, mod wsgi, mbtiles, tilestache
  • How to create .mbtiles file? 2012-03-19

    I have tiles (png images) for an offline map and I want to create a .mbtiles-file using these tiles. Please help me how to create a .mbtiles-file using my own images not using Tilemill software? Thanks in advance. --------------Solutions-------------

    Tags: iphone, ios, tilemill, mbtiles

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