• How would I use a second input device in maya to affect controls separately to the mouse? 2015-03-10

    Not sure if I'm in the right place but not having much luck finding anything out. What I wanted to try and do is create a plugin for autodesk software (namely maya) that allows a secondary input device to control things like the viewport camera. Basi

    Tags: plugins, input devices, maya, autodesk
  • Modify arnold render settings in python 2015-01-21

    I'm trying to modify the arnold common render settings of maya but I'm at the loss. There is any function where I can call these arguments such as Image size presets, ratio and so on using python instead of MEL? Sorry if someone already asked, but I'

    Tags: python, maya
  • Grabbing actual selection name without signs 2014-08-20

    I am trying to add in the name of the selection into the QLineEdit, however instead of grabbing just the name, the result displayed includes [''] parentheses etc And hence I would like to know how can I add in the text without those signs? The follow

    Tags: python, maya
  • Maya MEL shelfbutton 2014-03-19

    I am pretty new to MEL and as I was exploring around this MEL script, I found out that the user have write some lines that I totally do not get it. And yet I am interested to know why this person done it.. Anyway, can someone kindly explain why does

    Tags: button, maya, mel
  • Maya-like camera implementation 2013-11-18

    I am working on Maya-like camera implementation, and I've done track and dolly functions correctly but I just cannot implement tumble. I am working in PhiloGL engine (WebGL base), so I would really appreciate some help with code in this engine. I've

    Tags: camera, maya, webgl
  • Load Maya shelves from a non-standard location without editing Maya.env 2013-10-14

    I want to load a set of custom shelves from a non-standard location without changing the Maya.env file. Is this possible? Ideally the solution would be in Python but mel is fine too. --------------Solutions------------- In the script directory in you

    Tags: python 2.7, maya, mel
  • Maya Outliner in Pyqt doesn't charge 2013-05-27

    Well I'm trying to use a outliner in maya with Pyqt4 and python, My outliner is in a Qsplitter with other two panels, it seems the code is ok, but when I run the code sometimes the Outliner appears, sometimes doesn't appear this is the code where I c

    Tags: python, maya, pyqt4, outliner
  • Creating variable names dynamically from list 2012-05-03

    So I'm getting into using the Python API in maya and some tools require me to iterate code over various objects. This requires attaching an object reference with it's name to an object creator's output, and then running a function immediately after i

    Tags: python, maya
  • Python/Maya simple script for scaling keyframes 2012-04-25

    I am writing a script with Python on Maya to allow me to scale selected keyframes by a certain number. Basically, if I animate on ones I can easily scale all the keyframes to be 2 keyframes apart. Since I am a beginner the script should be extremely

    Tags: python, animation, keyframe, maya
  • Circular argument requirement for wrapper 2012-04-24

    I'm attempting to attach a listener to a window object that is destroyed when the window is closed. However, the window object does not have an OnClose type method that is called from clicking the X to close (It's Autodesk Maya's pymel.core.uitypes.W

    Tags: algorithm, python, python 2.x, maya
  • How to implement VBOs for large meshes and get a smooth animation? 2012-04-18

    I am creating an animation in Maya that is a minute long, and I intend to render it in OpenGL. I'm doing this is as a project at college. The scene consists of just a human face making distorted expressions. The mesh has about 2200 quad faces. I foun

    Tags: opengl, vbo, maya
  • # Error: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level # On First Line of Code 2012-04-06

    I'm getting an error in my python code when trying to import one of my scripts into Maya's memory. Here's the code: import solar_system as ss import pymel.core as pm import random And I'm recieving this error: # Error: unindent does not match any out

    Tags: python, indentation, maya
  • GLSL 4.1 with gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix 2012-04-04

    I am working on a glsl shader program as part of a plugin that runs inside a "closed source" application. The application (maya) is written using opengl 2.1, but our graphics cards support opengl/glsl 4.1 and I want to use tessellation and geometry s

    Tags: opengl, glsl, maya
  • Python : UI Image Wipe, compare two images

    Python : UI Image Wipe, compare two images 2012-03-21

    I wanted to know if anyone knew where to start in terms of recreating this sort of functionality? In the picture you can drag the centre line to reveal Image A or Image B or parts of each, interactively. I want to be able to wipe/reveal across two im

    Tags: image, python, maya
  • Maya 2011 network render 2012-03-19

    I have a scene to render. the modeling process did not go as planned and I ended up with way too many polygons in my scene. Is there a way to reduce polygon count with out loosing definition? like an "inverse smooth" if you will? --------------Soluti

    Tags: maya
  • Can't compile C++ plug-ins with OSX Lion? 2012-03-17

    I have been writing a plug-in for Maya with C++. The Makefile I use works fine on Snow Leopard, but does not in Lion. I am using the latest version of Maya 2012 in both cases. Here's the top of the error stack: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2012/Maya.ap

    Tags: plugins, maya
  • 3d Car modelling tutorials in Maya 2012-03-06

    I am developing a game for which we need a car in Maya. I tried downloading the car from Google sketchup but they have too many faces (20000) but to load it in our game we need at least below 4000 so i want some tutorials or some kind of step by step

    Tags: maya, 3d modelling
  • setParent works, but without minExpanding 2012-02-21

    I'm a 3D technical artist, using pyqt in Maya, a bit of a novice with pyqt. I have 2 pyqt UI files created in Designer, and I load them into Maya with uic.loadUiType() I want to assign the 2nd UI file as a child of a tab in the first UI. I do that wi

    Tags: pyqt, maya, setparent
  • Understanding Maya Matrix File - Converting to OpenGL ES iPhone 2012-02-18

    I am working on parsing a Maya dae file onto OpenGL ES on the iPhone. I am able to get all the objects to successfully render on iPhone, however with one problem - the objects are all over the place and not aligned to one another in the scene. I unde

    Tags: iphone, objective c, opengl es, maya
  • PyQt and Maya, with threading = False? 2012-02-16

    I've been investigating this problem for 3 days now, without any luck. I'm quite new to all this so maybe there is something I'm missing. The problem applies to: Maya.cmds, PyMel and evaluated MEL using QThread or just Thread This code is designed to

    Tags: python, boolean, pyqt, maya, mel

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