• How to automatically enter vim with tt and ? 2018-04-14

    I am using MacVim on Mac OS X. I want to know how to automatically input <leader>tt and <C-e> and <leader>u when I enter vim first time. --------------Solutions------------- You can use :normal (without the usual !, so that the mappings

    Tags: linux, vim, macvim
  • Change background color of some lines in vim/macvim? 2017-08-09

    Is it possible to change the background color of some lines that I what to highlight? Thank you! --------------Solutions------------- If you know the numbers of lines you want to highlight, you can use this commands :hi LineHl ctermbg=green :match Li

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Stop inserting hotkey combinations after meta/leader key 2013-05-23

    On MacVim I have a rather annoying occurrence that I don't have any solutions for yet. While in insert mode, if I type , (my leader key), then hit CMD-S in an attempt to save, it ends up inserting <t_<fa>X> after the comma. I don't know w

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Merge with above line 2012-05-01

    I have a pretty long list, like this itemOne itemTwo ,itemThree itemFour itemFive ,itemSix ,itemSeven The ones that have a coma need to be merged withe the above lines, like this itemOne itemTwo,itemThree itemFour itemFive,itemSix,itemSeven How can I

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Problems with Macros in MacVim 2012-05-01

    Ignore this silly question In case anybody is wondering. It was the copy+paste that stopped it from working. Then you have to use a plugin like Marvin to save it permanently. My bad. I need to run a few commands on MacVim, mainly search and replace,

    Tags: macros, vim, macvim
  • A sample neocomplcache setting in .vimrc is work for MacVim , but not work for Linux console vim 2012-04-27

    I installed neocomplcache for vim in both my computer, macbook air and Linux ubuntu 11.10 I use macVim on macbook air, but I use console vim on ubuntu. First,I copied the sample code to the .vimrc of macVIm. And it works for my macbook and no errors

    Tags: linux, osx, java, vim, macvim
  • HAML inline javascript syntax highlighting in vim? 2012-04-22

    I have added some javascript code in my haml %script tag. But I noticed that syntax highlighting doesn't work for the javascript code inside the tag. Is there any good plug-in that can handle this? btw I use mac vim. Thank you! --------------Solution

    Tags: haml, vim, syntax highlighting, vim syntax highlighting, macvim
  • Macvim - how to prevent tab names being abbreviated? 2012-04-21

    In macvim, is it possible to make tab names full length (i.e. not shortened?) e.g., If I open a-very-really-quite-long-file-name.txt, its name in the tab is shortened to a-very-really-q.... This is frustrating if you open several files open with long

    Tags: macvim
  • (Re)formatting PHP code in Vim 2012-04-12

    How do I format PHP code that looks like this class SomeClass { function insideclass() { } } into this, using Vim without any external tool? class SomeClass { function insideclass() { } } I am not arguing that this is the best way to format the code,

    Tags: php, vim, code formatting, macvim
  • Current Directory Window Title 2012-04-11

    is there a way to expose the current working directory as perhaps the window title in MacVim? My use case is I have a few MacVim windows open, each rooted at a particular directory for a section of my project, or individual projects. So it would be r

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Setting terminal Vim color scheme on Mac Lion 2012-04-05

    I just updated my Mac to lion and I am trying to configure bash and vim color schemes. I created ~/.vim/colors folder and put the color schemes in there. For some reason the text colors are all the same. So it would be either all green, all cyan, or

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Disable Macvim scrolloff when selecting with the mouse 2012-04-04

    I have set a high value for scrolloff, which works really well for me when I am moving around with the keyboard. However, any time I try to select something with the mouse in an off-center line (so that I can copy some text), that line jumps to the c

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • How do I refresh files available to CommandT in vim 2012-04-04

    I'm having this occasional problem: In macvim I create a new file in the current directory using :e I save that file and continue working in macvim. I close and restart macvim, and use <Leader>T to try to open that file but it's not

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Format and Indent HTML in Vim 2012-04-03

    I currently have a huge HTML file which doesn't have line breaks and just appears in a single line. I want to format it in vim (macvim in particular). I tried the following options, but none of them has worked for me. Selected the text and pressed =

    Tags: html, formatting, vim, macvim
  • MacVim: slimv does not start 2012-04-01

    I'm using MacVim (kind of gvim for OSX) and try to get the slimv plugin running. Sadly it's not working out of the box. In fact, it does not start up at all. My setup: MacVim (32bit cause of this) (vim 7.3) :scriptnames does not list ftplugin/slimv.v

    Tags: lisp, vim, slime, macvim, slimv
  • VIM as an IDE - Suggestions 2012-03-31

    I am looking for recommendations on using VIM as an IDE. I generally code in a number of programming languages, including C, C++, assembler, MATLAB, Maple, BASH scripts, to name a few. In general, I like to use a single IDE for the bulk of my project

    Tags: ide, editor, vim, macvim
  • Binding special keys as vim shortcuts 2012-03-30

    My keyboard has extra hotkeys like "Back" and "Forward" that work in a web browser. I would like to use these types of keys as hotkeys in vim. How can I find out what vim sees these keys as so that they can be used as hotkeys in vim? --------------So

    Tags: vim, keyboard shortcuts, macvim
  • Using vim with all colors inside MacOS terminal 2012-03-30

    When I use MacVim, all the color schemes work and looks very rich in the window. But when I fire up my Terminal and use Vi inside it, the color schemes look very very bad. Is there any setting/config I should set to let Terminal Vi use all the colors

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • Macvim, color schema disappear after closing the second to last tab 2012-03-28

    I'm using macvim for coding. There is strange thing.. When I open 2 tabs and close the last one..the first one's color schema disappears and the word is only black and the background is white.. How to fix it? my plugins: dbext.vim supertab vim-rails

    Tags: vim, macvim
  • How to load plugins in the new tab in mac vim? 2012-03-27

    I'm using macvim to code rails project. I used some plugins, which is specific to rails(like vim-rails) and will be loaded only in a rails' app folder. After I entered a rails's folder, I run mvim and everything goes fine. However, when I use command

    Tags: osx, ruby on rails, vim, macvim

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