• Lyx compilation error 2018-05-16

    Hi I have the following code written in lyx preamble. It does not compile anymore and the following error messages are produced. \documentclass[titlepage]{csetr-notr} The document may only declare one class. \trnumber{0701} The control sequence at th

    Tags: latex, compiler errors, lyx
  • errors compiling lyx 2.1.2 document with Lyx 2.1.3 2015-03-17

    I have a Lyx document created with Lyx 2.1.2 on Windows 7 and everything compiles well. After upgrading to Lyx 2.1.3 the same document gives many errors when compiled. I noticed that they are related to floating figures, for example uder view source

    Tags: lyx
  • Insert algorithm in Lyx 2.1.1 with line numbers

    Insert algorithm in Lyx 2.1.1 with line numbers 2014-11-17

    I am able to insert algorithms directly with Lyx 2.1.1 using insert->float->algorithm , however the algorithm lines are not numbered in the generated pdf. Is there any option that can number the algorithm lines or any work around to include alg

    Tags: algorithm, latex, lyx
  • Syntax highlighting Javascript in LyX, insert child -> program listing 2012-05-02

    Im writing my masters thesis, which includes alotta javascript. Im including it as a child file, as a program listing with the following options: breaklines=true captionpos=b frame=tb language=Python There is no javascript language/listing file, whic

    Tags: javascript, syntax highlighting, lyx
  • LyXliteral programming 2011-09-22

    I keep writing codes in gedit but at the end of the week we need to submit a lyx literal programming file. Copying and pasting or importing is painful, since , we need to keep pressing tabs or enters. Can anyone suggest a simple alternative to this?

    Tags: latex, noweb, lyx
  • How to setup R with LyX? 2011-09-18

    I wish to setup R with LyX. Going through the web I found many resources. The "official" text doesn't seem to be the most up to date: I followed most of the steps here:

    Tags: lyx
  • Making pgfsweave work with all ggplot2 plots 2011-07-26

    Have run into a problem using ggplot2 and pgfsweave(+Lyx). When I run my code in R, I get a nice plot with coloured/shaded tiles, and those tiles do not appear when running via pgfsweave. Note that other graphs using ggplot2 are working for me (using

    Tags: ggplot2, sweave, lyx
  • How can I set the first page as cover in Lyx? 2011-07-18

    I'm writing a document in Lyx, an editor for Latex. Is there any fast way to tell Lyx that I want the first page to be the cover of my document? Thank you. --------------Solutions------------- The section 'Add the Cover Using LyX' in 'How to Create

    Tags: editor, latex, cover, lyx
  • Lyx: How to make multiple lines on the lowertitleback (koma-script) 2011-07-07

    I am trying to use uppertitleback and lowertitleback in lyx (2.0.0) If I just use uppertitleback and lowertitleback with one line apiece, it works just as expected. However, if I put any text in between the uppertitleback and lowertitleback, then the

    Tags: lyx
  • Natural Math parser in opensource 2011-06-04

    I want to start a new Open source project regarding natural math and Matlab, I am looking for an existing opensource math parser and display project that I can leverage. Something with functionality like MathType Or Lyx that can render math expressio

    Tags: open source, matlab, math, latex, lyx
  • How to vertically align multiple tables or graphics in Lyx 2011-04-03

    What I wanted to do is that I had multiple tables and/or images of different heights and wanted them positioned on the page side by side, so that the tops of the objects were aligned. I couldn't figure this out, it didn't matter whether I put these '

    Tags: lyx
  • How to add a (large) code appendix in LaTeX / LyX? 2011-03-15

    I'd like to add a code appendix to my LyX document. There are a few options I already considered, but they all have their problems. I know a bit about listings, but one problem with those is that, if I copy & paste my code into them, I lose all e

    Tags: latex, lyx
  • How to convert source code from latex to lyx? 2011-01-30

    I have difficulties to make poster in lyx. I found some source codes to make poster in latex like .txt and .sty in this homepage I want to put this codes in lyx editor and see the result as a Pdf or dvi.

    Tags: lyx
  • ggplot2 code that works interactively (rkward) crashes under Lyx/pgfSweave - Hints please! 2011-01-14

    I encounter the following error in the *.Rnw.log: Error: chunk 3 (label=printgraph) Error in"L_text", as.graphicsAnnot(x$label), x$x, : Metric information not available for this family/device only in Lyx and depending upon the sta

    Tags: r, ggplot2, lyx
  • Labels in xtable captions for crossreferencing in lyx 2010-12-30

    I am using pgfsweave with Lyx 1.6.8 and xtable. providing table captions by <<result=tex>>= print(xtable(<dataframe>,caption="Here is my caption")) @. How can I insert a label into the table caption that I can crossreference in the

    Tags: sweave, xtable, lyx
  • Create appendix in Lyx 2010-12-30

    I am trying to create appendix in Lyx. I use 'Document->Start Appendix Here' just before the beginning of the appendix text, and I can see that the text before the Bibliography is wrapped in an appendix box. However, when I print the document, the

    Tags: latex, lyx
  • Use fancyhdr in Lyx to position page number 2010-12-20

    I am trying to customise the position of the page number to make them all appear at the bottom centre in Lyx. I plan to use the fancyhdr package in the preamble section of the document, but I get the following error msg: 'LaTex Error: Command /footru

    Tags: latex, lyx, page numbering
  • Inserting Graphics to LyX 2010-11-24

    I need to insert graphics in a lyx document. However, when I do: Insert->Graphics...etc The graphic file is just linked and is not physically in the lyx file. If I need to send the lyx file to someone I need to send the graphic files separately. I

    Tags: lyx
  • Are there text editors that can be used to create markup languages (like markdown, rest and such?)

    Are there text editors that can be used to create markup languages (like markdown, rest and such?) 2010-10-25

    I'm becoming more interested in markdown and rest for documentation/requisites in projects, but some people in the team aren't that techie to use and remember these markups. It's going to be a bad move to just adopt them when they're used to OpenOffi

    Tags: rest, editor, markdown, latex, lyx
  • How can I add delimiters around the amsmath align environment?

    How can I add delimiters around the amsmath align environment? 2010-09-29

    I have a group of equations and I'd like to show under some transformation, the system looks like something else. So I'd like to group the AMS Align environment inside a pair of brackets such that the align environment is vertically centered on the l

    Tags: latex, lyx

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