• SSL curl doesn't work c++ 2018-06-13

    I'm trying to download a page that use ssl. I've to login on that page but I have empty page caused by a srange error. CURL *curl; CURLcode res; curl = curl_easy_init(); if(curl) { curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_CAPATH, "a.crt"); curl_easy_setop

    Tags: ssl, curl, libcurl
  • CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR and cookie file 2018-06-03

    I'm using CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR (curl libraries ), and I'm saving cookies in a file, "cookie.txt". I can't find it the file. Where is it? I searched in the project folder, nothing. Here is my code: curl_easy_setopt(handle,CURLOPT_COOKIESESSION,1); /

    Tags: cookies, curl, libcurl
  • How can I use libcurl to get a page with a specific server IP 2015-12-20

    I am crawling a page by libcurl. I need to use specific IP to get page. this ip has been made by the DNS resolver. So I can skip the getaddrinfo in libcurl and cost less time. I have asked a question How can I use libcurl function "curl_easy_setopt(C

    Tags: curl, web crawler, libcurl
  • Using Libcurl to authenticate ntlm proxy without pass 2015-02-18

    i'm testing some network simple process to understand better and know how to work with NTLM. Following this (ntlm-proxy-without-password) Q&A i found hot to uthenticate my transaction via ntml using the log information of the current user. The co

    Tags: proxy, windows, curl, ntlm, libcurl
  • curl_easy_perform() remains idle for long before initiating connection 2014-05-09

    I am using the libcurl4-openssl-dev library on my ubuntu 12.04 LTS box hosted as a virtual machine. I am making a simple POST request to a particular URL, and observed that it is far too slow compared to WinInet. After analysing the scenario with wir

    Tags: libcurl
  • C++ How to link LibCurl in Visual Studio 2010 2013-12-29

    I just downloaded a zip file from LibCurl's official site. In it there are 4 folders: include, bin, lib and samples. I know I need to link my VS2010 project with them. I linked the include folder but I can't find how to link the lib folder. And in it

    Tags: libcurl
  • Upload file to Drive and set file name 2013-09-08

    I want to upload a file to Google Drive and set its name as I understood I have to use uploadType=multipart I am under c++ and using cURL lib. How can I proceed? --------------Solutions------------- You need to make a multipart request with metadata

    Tags: libcurl, google drive sdk
  • undefined reference to curl_global_init, curl_easy_init and other function(C) 2013-05-10

    I am trying to use Curl in C. I visited Curl official page, and copied sample source code. below is the link: when I run this code with command "gcc test.c", the console shows message like below. /tmp/cc1

    Tags: curl, libcurl
  • CURL precision on windows 2012-11-16

    Within windows pycurl gives a precision of timings to 3 decimal places, is there a way to improve this to something much more precise? > print c.getinfo(pycurl.CONNECT_TIME) > 0.265 Linux for example gives it to approx 7 decimal places. -------

    Tags: windows, python, curl, libcurl
  • libcurl how to change encoding url behavior 2012-10-28

    Problem: When I make a request which contains redirects, the last of the redirects returns 404 because a URL from the Location header contains a '#' character. libcurl encodes it to %23 and the request returns 404 (server's rules?) while some other r

    Tags: http, curl, libcurl
  • Retrieve callback URL 2012-09-17

    I'm using cURLpp to send requests from a desktop client to a server, which typically responds with some json element. I can then parse that element for the information I need and display it to my users without incident. This server, however, typicall

    Tags: libcurl, curlpp
  • Dealing with library dependencies on linux 2012-05-03

    I am using libcurl in my project and it depends on openssl and bunch of other .so in runtime. This dependency is kind of pain in the ass, since different distributives/versions may contain different openssl versions. For example i am experiencing pro

    Tags: linux, dependencies, openssl, libcurl
  • Alternatives to smbclient. smbget to talk to samba server 2012-05-02

    I am looking for alternative clients to communicate with a samba server. Specifically avoiding the use of smbclient, smbget. Does perl have any modules that can do this ? I looked at libcurl package documentation but seems like it does not support sa

    Tags: perl, smb, samba, wget, libcurl
  • libcurl: Is there any way to get certificates of FTPS without logging in? 2012-05-01

    libcurl can get certificate info by using CURLINFO_CERTINFO, but that info must come after curl_easy_perform, which means you need to log in to the FTP server first without verifying the certificates. FTP software like FileZilla get the certificates

    Tags: ftp, openssl, certificate, libcurl
  • simple libcurl app - segfault 2012-04-28

    I cant work out where my code is segfaulting? Basically it connects to a server over an SSL (HTTPS) secured connection and makes a GET, supplying a MachineID (which the program takes as a parameter). Some custom headers should also be set. I then sav

    Tags: curl, segmentation fault, libcurl
  • cURL getting a response 2012-04-27

    Im Finding the cURL Documentation to read/Understand. what im trying to do here is post a postcode and return whether or not it is valid. This is my function so far (what i managed to pull together from tutorials) int checkPostCode(char postCode[5])

    Tags: curl, libcurl
  • In Xcode, how do I link a dynamic library (libcurl) so that the app also works on older versions of the Mac OS? 2012-04-26

    I am using libcurl in a Mac project built and compiled on OS 10.7 Lion. I can link to the dynamic library just fine, using either the -lcurl option in Other Linker Flags or by adding the library to my project. Everything works as its supposed to. I'd

    Tags: osx, xcode, objective c, dylib, libcurl
  • php - How to enable php://input stream wrapper for curl 2012-04-25

    I was trying to do the following $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,"php://input" ); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1 ); $result=curl_exec ($ch); echo curl_error($ch); echo $result; to get raw post data using curl because my ho

    Tags: php, libcurl
  • Why doesn't curb-fu load when I use it in a cronjob? 2012-04-25

    I have a little ruby cronjob which starts with: #!/usr/bin/ruby #Encoding: UTF-8 require 'pp' require 'curb-fu' When I run it in the command line it works all fine. But as a cronjob I get this error message: /Users/juuro/cronjobs/ratings-imdb-to-trak

    Tags: ruby, curl, cron, libcurl, curb
  • libcurl wont work xcode 2012-04-22

    I'm having the exact same issue this individual is having: LibCURL when used on Mac with C However I'm not sure how to apply the fix. To run my code, I hit "build and Run" in xcode, I'm not sure how to resolve the issue because of this. -------------

    Tags: xcode, libcurl

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