• Avoid Latex float table being placed at the end of the document? 2018-12-30

    In latex, when I place a table with 'htb' attribute they are placed at the end of the document. If I want them to be placed in the place as they are declared in the code, how could I do? I've try the float package and the attribute 'H' but finally al

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  • Latex character in R graphics? 2018-08-23

    I have learned latex to write reports and my thesis. I am using R a lot more for graphics. I was wondering: is there a way to change the font in R graphs to make them look more "latex-like"? I would like to include these graphs into latex docume

    Tags: latex
  • Lyx compilation error 2018-05-16

    Hi I have the following code written in lyx preamble. It does not compile anymore and the following error messages are produced. \documentclass[titlepage]{csetr-notr} The document may only declare one class. \trnumber{0701} The control sequence at th

    Tags: latex, compiler errors, lyx
  • Unwanted white space with knitr+booktabs package

    Unwanted white space with knitr+booktabs package 2017-09-22

    I want to include a table in my latex document that I create using knitr package. I "call" the table using: \begin{table}[H] \begin{centering} <<r second part}>>= kable(Per_cond, booktabs=T,row.names=F) @ \par\end{centering} \begin{c

    Tags: latex, knitr
  • What does this required empty parameter mean, when defining something? 2016-05-31

    \newenvironment{nameOfEnvironment}[1][]% Can someone explain the empty bracket? --------------Solutions------------- You should consider reading Is there a comprehensive and complete LaTeX reference? where you'll find information on all sorts of LaTe

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  • Character vector in R as itemized list with knitr

    Character vector in R as itemized list with knitr 2015-10-20

    I have a vector (e.g. letters) that I want to incorporate into my .Rnw knitr document as an itemized list. How do I do this? I have tried \Sexpr{letters} but it merely places commas between each: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r,

    Tags: latex, knitr
  • LaTex listing and caption - How to exactly align frame

    LaTex listing and caption - How to exactly align frame 2015-03-17

    I want to use a nicely formatted caption for my listings, as proposed in LaTeX source code listing like in professional books. Additionally the content should be framed. \documentclass{report} \usepackage{color} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{listin

    Tags: latex, listings, alignment
  • How can we convert LaTeX representation to symbolic math functions in matlab? 2015-02-02

    How can we convert Latex representation into symbolic math. For example, A LaTex representation y = \int x^2 Has an equivalent symbolic math representation as syms x y = int(x*x, x) Is there a function to perform this action? I know that there exists

    Tags: matlab, latex, symbolic math
  • Pull a single file from a git repository 2014-12-23

    I am writing a thesis in (Xe)LaTeX and versioning it on remote git repo X. The template I use is maintained by another person on remote git repo Y. I need to add one template file template.sty from Y in my repository. And when template.sty changes in

    Tags: git, latex
  • Insert algorithm in Lyx 2.1.1 with line numbers

    Insert algorithm in Lyx 2.1.1 with line numbers 2014-11-17

    I am able to insert algorithms directly with Lyx 2.1.1 using insert->float->algorithm , however the algorithm lines are not numbered in the generated pdf. Is there any option that can number the algorithm lines or any work around to include alg

    Tags: algorithm, latex, lyx
  • how to specify in a makefile where to send the results too 2014-09-19

    Right now I have a makefile that build the .tex file (latex) in the same directory as it and spits out a pdf version of that file and also a bunch of baggage with it. I was wondering how to specify in the make file where to send the result. I want to

    Tags: svn, linux, latex, makefile
  • Python Export Program to PDF using Latex format 2014-07-10

    I have a GUI program in Python which calculates graphs of certain functions. These functions are mathematical like say, cos(theta) etc. At present I save the graphs of these functions and compile them to PDF in Latex and write down the equation manua

    Tags: python, pdf, latex, export, pdflatex
  • How can I make Homebrew and CocoAspell coexist? 2014-06-11

    After much searching on the Internet, I have never seen a satisfactory answer or explanation to the following problem. I would like to use CocoAspell for system-wide spell-checking on OS X 10.9 (plugs into TexShop, TextMate, etc.), but every time I i

    Tags: spell checking, latex, aspell, homebrew, textmate2
  • Regular expression to find R code in Sweave expression 2014-04-02

    I have some sweave expressions contained among text in some .Rnw files. The paragraph below contains two sweave expressions. What regular expression can I use to find the R code in each expression. So the regular expression should be able to find mea

    Tags: regex, latex, sweave, knitr
  • How can I get block quotes inside org-mode footnotes? 2014-01-02

    Footnotes in org-mode are annoyingly different from the normal non-footnote environment. One difference is that one has to use "\par" instead of blank lines to separate paragraphs. Annoying, but at least it works. Another difference is that they don'

    Tags: emacs, latex, org mode
  • IPython Syntax Lexer for Latex Minted Package 2013-12-14

    Is there a way to get IPython sessions with syntax highlighting integrated into a latex document using, for example, the minted package ( I have seen many ways of converting a notebook using nbconvert to a tex file.

    Tags: latex, tex, ipython
  • Frame around R code and output in knitr and Latex 2013-11-25

    I am using knitr and Latex to write an intro into and overview of R. How can I get a box around R code chunks and R output in Latex? I can get them when using R Markdown and knitr to generate HTML. The Sweave way to frame chunks with a box does not w

    Tags: latex, knitr
  • Need svn log to ouput as a latex document 2013-10-22

    Is there any way to have the svn log command put its output into a latex document, which could then be later added to other latex documents? --------------Solutions------------- There is no built-in way to do it, but since you can get XML output from

    Tags: svn, latex
  • Remove additional footnote from R's xtable() table output in LaTeX 2013-07-28

    I am using the following R code to call xtable and generate a LaTeX table for a Sweave document. ifelse(LaTeX==1, print(xtable(rule1.results.noTC, caption="Rule 1 Results 0 Transaction Costs", digits=c(1,2,4,4,4), display=c("d","d","f","f","f"))), pr

    Tags: latex, sweave, xtable
  • Stargazer and gam - how to include the whole summary output? 2013-06-14

    When fitting a generalized additive model with smoothed splines stargazer only returns the main effects and not the smooth terms which you can see in summary(pros.gam). Can stargazer return these as well? Or is there another function that can do it?

    Tags: table, latex, stargazer

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