• PDF as mail attachment - Laravel 2019-02-16

    I want to create a PDF using the barryvdh/laravel-dompdf package and send this with an email as attachment. The code I have now is: $pdf = PDF::loadView('layouts.factuur', array('factuur' => $factuur)); Mail::queue('emails.factuur', array('factuur' =

    Tags: pdf, sendmail, laravel
  • Laravel joins using different database query 2019-02-11

    I am constructing this query in my Laravel controller; $payments = DB::table('payments')->leftJoin('postcodes.201502_postcode', 'payments.Vendor ZIP', '=', '201502_postcode.postcode'); foreach ($input as $key => $value) { $payments = $payments->l

    Tags: php, mysql, laravel, laravel 5
  • Order table based on specific column count 2019-01-10

    I have a projects table with the following columns id, project_name, remix_of A project can be a remix of another project and the id of the project being remixed is stored in the remix_of column id | project_name | remix_of --------------------------

    Tags: mysql, sql, laravel
  • Laravel: Retrieve polymorphic attributes efficiently 2019-01-01

    My actual Question is: How to return attributes to the client which I actually need, throw the rest away and be as efficient as possible? So, I have a construction where I basically have media objects, which can be of different types, like video, pic

    Tags: rest, polymorphism, laravel, eloquent
  • Laravel GLOB public path 2018-12-30

    In Laravel I want to get all images from a dir, I just have a problem getting the path to the public folder. $images = []; foreach(File::glob('/public/img/uploads/*.*') as $filename) { $images[] = $filename; } If I use this function it returns nothin

    Tags: path, glob, laravel
  • Solution for a web-app with offline and online database 2018-10-27

    Im making a website\shop for a local thrift-store, building it in Laravel using mysql as the database. The problem is that they have really poor internet at the store, almost non existent, and its far from any lines and operators so no better net wil

    Tags: mysql, synchronization, store, laravel
  • Laravel - Modify and return variable from @include 2018-09-19

    I'm including multiple templates in a loop by using @include('template.included') Before including this template I define $page = 0; and inside the template, multiple times it calls $page++; Inside the included template, the value correctly increment

    Tags: php, laravel, laravel 4
  • Error when enter "8" in Japanese keyboard

    Error when enter "8" in Japanese keyboard 2018-09-04

    I have a crazy problem when I code an admin page. When i enter the "8" to this dialog, its how me like this picture. Every button else is ok. Here my code: <div class="modal-header"> <h4>{{'TITLE'|translate}}</h4> <

    Tags: html, laravel
  • Laravel 5 Custom Route Caching 2018-08-12

    My laravel 5 application has two main end points such as Api & an admin area to manage things. I know there is a route level cache available built in with laravel5 and we can enable simply running artisan route:cache I need to cache only the api rout

    Tags: routing, caching, laravel, laravel 5
  • Global queries in laravel 5 2018-07-25

    Controller: $categories = Categories::get(); return view('coolpage', ['categories' => $categories]); Blade View: <ul> @foreach ($categories as $category) <li><a href="{{ secure_url($category->alias) }}">{{ $category->t

    Tags: php, laravel
  • PayPal classical API with reoccuring payment in Laravel 4.2 2018-07-20

    I am working on Laravel 4.2 project. The project is about to provide the Video services to the dedicated customers. The client wants to use PayPal payment gateway and I have never done this before. He has provided me a Personal and a Business account

    Tags: php, paypal, laravel
  • Search query for multiple search terms 2018-07-11

    I'm running Laravel 5 and have built a small search function: $q = Input::get('q'); $search_terms = explode(' ', $q); $user_query = User::select(); $news_query = Article::select(); foreach ($search_terms as $term) { $user_query->where('username', 'li

    Tags: php, mysql, sql, laravel
  • Laravel 5 Sync Two or More Models 2018-07-09

    I'm still learning Laravel and I'm stuck in this current problem where I can't sync two models in a pivot table. This is in my MenuGroup Model (a pivot table) public function menus_group(){ return $this->belongsTo('App\Models\Menus\MenusGroup'); } pu

    Tags: php, sync, laravel, eloquent
  • Composer commands generate error on Windows 8 and Laravel 4 2018-05-27

    I am trying to run the command composer install from the command line and every time I do so I generate the following error: Loading composer repositories with package information Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file Nothing

    Tags: php, xampp, laravel, composer php
  • Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string - laravel 2018-05-14

    I am following this documentation to implement export to Excel in my laravel 4 project. So am trying to generate excel file from array like this: //$results is taken with db query $data = array(); foreach ($results as $result) { $result->filed1 = 'so

    Tags: php, excel, laravel
  • How to use Eclipse with Php5.6

    How to use Eclipse with Php5.6 2018-05-13

    As you can see in this photo I have problems with eclipse while programming with laravel framework. The problem is eclipse is looking for php5.3 code but laravel and my local server uses php5.6. So how can i upgrade my eclipse for Php5.6? -----------

    Tags: php, eclipse, laravel
  • Laravel view rendering issue 2018-01-27

    Following is my controller class, namespace Admin; class CategoriesController extends \BaseController { public function index($action = '', $id= ''){ //return \View::make('welcome');View is correctly rendered here switch ($action){ case '' : case 'li

    Tags: php, view, laravel
  • Laravel 5: pass the same data to many views 2018-01-08

    I have a section of a Laravel 5 app where the same basic company info needs to be passed into every view, for use in the navbar include as well as within the main part of the view in a few instances. I am making the same three Eloquent queries to mat

    Tags: model view controller, laravel, laravel 5
  • What is the difference between laravel and lumen 2018-01-06

    Taylor Otwell recently released a new framework called Lumen. Am a big user of Laravel. Can any one point out the difference between Laravel and Lumen micro framework. What is micro framework all about and when should one use it. --------------Soluti

    Tags: frameworks, laravel, laravel 5
  • What is the best way to structure the following database query in Laravel 2017-12-01

    I am really having trouble constructing a query that meets the following criteria. Where the start date is today/future OR 0000/00/00 Where the end date is today/future OR 0000/00/00 Where views more than 3 Here is what I have so far. $users = DB::ta

    Tags: php, mysql, laravel, eloquent

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