• kohana 3.3 lighttpd (Palapa WEB server) on tabletpc with Android 2019-01-04

    Could someone help me with lighttpd.config ? I tried to start my web project with Kohana-3.3 PHP framework on an Android 4.4.2 tablet PC, but after some days I have just started framework and it begins to work, but my CSS files are still unavailable.

    Tags: php, android, lighttpd, config, kohana
  • Making Kohana based mobile site 2014-10-11

    I have a website in Kohana Framework which is working fine. Lets say website is www.mainsite.com Now I want to make a mobile version of website on URL www.mainsite.com/mobile. I have copied all files of mainsite and pasted in a folder MOBILE inside M

    Tags: php, url rewriting, kohana, kohana 3
  • Kohana 2.3 Orderby Expression 2014-07-14

    I want orderby my results by Month. My column type is date. In Kohana have: $object->orderby('add', 'DESC'); I tried use Database_Expression but when created: $object->orderby(new Database_Expression('MONTH(add)'), 'DESC'); My output query is w

    Tags: kohana, kohana orm
  • kohana order group by and count 2014-06-09

    I have orm query like tthis: $userCountries = ORM::factory('User') ->select(array(DB::expr('countries.code, COUNT("countries.id") as total'))) ->join('countries') ->on('user.country_id', '=', 'countries.id') ->group_by('country.name') -

    Tags: orm, group by, count, kohana
  • retrieve single record with kohana 3.3 with request->param() is NULL 2014-05-17

    i try to use kohana framework but i have a little issue wen i try to retrieve a single record from table of my database. my table: ads id_ads title_ads description_ads my controller: public function action_single() { $ads_id = $this->request->p

    Tags: database, request, record, kohana
  • get and post in one action do different stuff - is it OK? 2014-03-19

    I'm using Kohana's routing with the route being defined as domain/controller/action. To demonstrate my question let's consider sign-in flow. Currently, if I want to sign-in user I need to return form first and then proceed with data sent by user. Do

    Tags: php, architecture, kohana
  • Extends Image class in Kohana 3.3 2014-02-13

    I need to extends the class Image using iMagick of the module with the same name (https://github.com/kohana/image) but, I am not able to do it. I want to add a new method call "cache". This is what I'm trying to do: classes/Image.php abstract class I

    Tags: image, php, module, kohana
  • ErrorException [Notice]:Array to string conversion PHP Form 2014-01-09

    I am creating a very simple form to collect data from a user and store in a database, but i am getting an error: ErrorException [Notice]: Array to string conversion SYSPATH\classes\kohana\html.php I have used this code before in another one of my for

    Tags: database, php, forms, kohana
  • Kohana and ORM relationship has_many_through 2013-09-16

    I have problem with Kohana 3.3 and ORM relationship has_many_through. I have two models Model_Category class Model_Category extends ORM { protected $_table_name = 'category'; protected $_primary_key = 'category_id'; protected $_has_many = array( 'que

    Tags: frameworks, php, kohana, kohana orm, kohana 3.3
  • kohana 3.1 ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Call to undefined method upload::valid() 2013-06-24

    im try to use kohana 3.1 upload. But i get the above error. im using the example here Ok i have looked for the error around the net and i cant get where the problem is. --------------Solutions------------- i had put a vendor directory in my DOCROOT a

    Tags: upload, kohana
  • What does the `.EXT` mean in kohana index file? 2013-05-05

    I'm a MVC n00b learning Kohana via online tutorials. I'm looking at a file called index.php. What is the .EXT for (what does it mean?) in the following line? // Bootstrap the application require APPPATH.'bootstrap'.EXT; --------------Solutions-------

    Tags: php, indexing, kohana
  • Kohana front end , Wordpress back end 2013-02-18

    I love Kohana code, I don't love Wordpress code. I need to upgrade a blog to have a custom theme, very custom with Grid style blog roll (like Pinterest) and Traditional Blog Roll, and fully responsive for all devices. I was thinking of keeping the Ba

    Tags: php, wordpress, blogs, kohana
  • Drag and drop feature of sorting my categories 2013-02-09

    I use kohana in my e-commerce application. I have a catalogue of categories. I want to find the module in the box with drag and drop feature to sort my categories. Does anybody know some php scripts, modules based on Kohana, Zend, etc.? -------------

    Tags: php, zend framework, kohana
  • Kohana ORM multiple relationships in models 2012-10-28

    I'm new to this and working with a module in Gallery3 that has been abandoned and looking to add some functionality. I've searched all over and haven't been able to find a solution. I have the following tables. Products {id, name, description, cost,

    Tags: php, orm, model, kohana
  • Kohana 3 Auth database schema 2012-09-26

    I just started to learning Kohana 3.2. It's nice, and it's similar to django so it is going pretty well. Bad the documentation is... poor. And the documentation for an Auth module doesn't exist (i'm not talking about this in userguide because that is

    Tags: kohana, kohana 3.2
  • Kohana framework Fatal error mystery

    Kohana framework Fatal error mystery 2012-05-03

    I got a fatal error at auto_load function. See the following error, indicating that the specific directory and file '/mnt/webDir/www/sossage/system/classes/kohna/log.php' file failed opening required. Yes, file doesn't exist. Its's wrong path. But, I

    Tags: php, kohana
  • Kohana 3.2 ORM multiple records update 2012-05-02

    How can I update multiple records in Kohana 3.2's ORM? For example this: $menu = ORM::factory('menu'); $menu->where('active','=',1); $menu->active=2; $menu->save(); does not work, it inserts a new record. Thanks --------------Solutions------

    Tags: kohana
  • MySql functions with kohana ORM 2012-04-30

    I'm bit confuse how to convert my query : > SELECT COUNT(`id`) AS `total_logs`, `userlog`.* FROM `user_log` AS > `userlog` WHERE `user_id` = '31' AND date(`date_created`) = > '2012-04-30' to Kohana 3.1 ORM? currently i m using : > $isLoge

    Tags: mysql, kohana, kohana orm, kohana 3
  • Critical Bug Session is not destroying in Kohana 3.x 2012-04-28

    I am developing one of web application in kohanaphp latest version. While user logged into application, I set the session as usually. Everything fine. Once i logout the application which clear the session. Then I am checking in all functions whether

    Tags: php, kohana
  • How to properly load a Database row into a class in php 2012-04-28

    I am using Kohana 3.2, not that it matters much, but I am writing an application where I am wrapping any and all returned database records in a specific class. I don't know that I understand the best way to load the database row into the class, becau

    Tags: php, oop, kohana

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