• XSLT transformation on JAX_WS client prior to invocation 2017-09-22

    I'm looking to perform an XSLT transform on my Soap message prior to it being send to our web-service at the moment I've got the following Webservice service = new Webservice(""); // in here i'm looking to perform some kind of xslt tr

    Tags: java, xslt, soap, jax ws, jaxb
  • TcpConnectionFactoryFactoryBean does not support circular references? 2017-09-22

    I'm trying to create a simple TcpInboundGateway using spring. But the following does not work: @EnableIntegration @IntegrationComponentScan public class MyEndpoint { @Bean public TcpInboundGateway gateway() throws Exception { TcpInboundGateway gate =

    Tags: java, spring, spring integration
  • ERROR: org.hibernate.AnnotationException: mappedBy reference an unknown target entity property 2017-09-15

    I am new to JPA and Hibernate and I found an issue mapping these two tables: FORUM.JAVA: package; import; import java.lang.String; import java.util.List; import javax.persistence.*; /** * Entity implementation

    Tags: java, hibernate, jpa
  • Android Listview delete SQLite row use ContextMenu 2017-09-15

    I develop an app for android:p So i have a listview with a context menu. In the contextmenu is a button for delete the row!So i saw many tutorials but no one can help me:/ lv = (ListView) findViewById(; registerFo

    Tags: java, android
  • Java - Create comments by program way 2017-09-14

    Are there any libraries these allow to add comments with some information? I have a core that searches security vulnerabilities in the code and I want to create a wrapper that adds information about that to the code. The library should allow me to cr

    Tags: java, comments, analyzer
  • Android Error retrieving parent

    Android Error retrieving parent 2017-09-13

    I got this error... I don't know how to fix it... Could somebody please help me? I got this on 3 files, but all 3 the same error... error: Error:(7, -1) Android Resource Packaging: [rpr-app] C:\Users***\Documents***\res\values\styles.xml:7: error: Er

    Tags: java, android
  • Catching DataAccessExceptions with AOP 2017-09-11

    I have a webapp using Spring + Hibernate through JPA, Spring is effectively translating all persitence exceptions into variations of DataAccessException. I am now trying to catch these DataAccessExceptions in an AOP pointcut like this: @Aspect public

    Tags: java, exception, spring, aop
  • Image is partially downloading, 2017-09-11

    I cannot download the file in following url: Only a part of the file is being downloaded. Following is my code. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. URLConnection urlConn = new URL( "

    Tags: image, http, java, file transfer
  • Comparing objects never returns true 2017-09-09

    I'm trying to compare two objects of the same type (in method doesHave), but I've never got "true" returned. Here's my code: private ArrayList<Osoba> osoba = new ArrayList<Osoba>(); public boolean doesHave(Osoba o) { for (int i = 0;

    Tags: java
  • Are there popular or large FOSS projects that use Fitnesse 2017-09-08

    I would like to present Fitnesse to my colleagues, and I want to give them a successful project where Fitnesse was helpful. The project must be written in Java. --------------Solutions------------- Unfortunately I do not have an open source project w

    Tags: java, foss, fitnesse
  • Image hash's output String always has "null" at the beginning 2017-09-07

    I'm trying to hash an image and show the hash result in string in text field, the code is working but the result always has "null" at the beginning of the hash code. bitmap1 = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(picturePath1,opt); ImageView view1 = (ImageV

    Tags: java, hash, android
  • Cannot print out retrieved Array List object 2017-09-06

    I cannot print out my array list object. Here is my first class to return the arraylist object: public class user_arraylist { public ArrayList<String> get_user_det() { final ArrayList<String> temp = new ArrayList<String>(); //declare arr

    Tags: java, arrays, list, android, firebase
  • meaning of Solr query 2017-09-05

    I am a newbie to solr and i am trying to understand the different way of querying. I saw a code example as below: 'some search text'::type:value1:type:value2 Can anybody help me understand what the above string does? I know if it is only type:value1

    Tags: java, spring, solr
  • Cannot run SWT application with Jubula 2017-09-04

    I'm using Jubula for testing my SWT application. Everything seems to be OK, but when I start AUT nothing happens. I tried with other applications and it works, but my application cannot be run. When I click on "start AUT" the cursor changes as i

    Tags: java, swt, jubula
  • Simple time-complexity problems 2017-09-04

    I need to know the complexity of these two bits of code. public static int Sum(int x, int y){ return y*(y+1)/2 - (x-1)*x/2; } public static int RecSum(int x, int y){ if (x < y+1) return x + RecSum(x+1, y); else return 0; } I have it as Sum being O(n^

    Tags: java, time complexity
  • Unable to understand what kind of design pattern this is? 2017-09-03

    I am not able to understand the below design. Let's assume the below classes and interfaces interface A { .... } class B implements A { .... } class C extends B implements A { ... } I found this design in one of the IBM frameworks (wcs order framewor

    Tags: design patterns, java
  • Socket InputStream returns previous command data [ANDROID/JAVA] 2017-09-01

    In my android application I want to do following things with server 1.Connect 2.Fetch Data 3.Disconnect I got success in Connecting and fetching data from Server using Socket. Code for connecting to server :- try { socket = new Socket(dstAddress, dst

    Tags: java, sockets, android, inputstream, outputstream
  • Faster way to check for server at a plarticular port? 2017-09-01

    I am trying to check all the servers running at a particular port in my network using java/Android. The method I'm using currently takes 5-10 mins to do this.Is there any faster way? I am new to socket programming, So any help will be highly apprecia

    Tags: java, sockets, network programming, android, ip address
  • Saving cascade with Hibernate 2017-08-31

    I have the following entities and I'm trying to save them using hibernate cascade: Entity Usuario: @Entity @Table(schema="system", name="usuarios") public class Usuario { @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) private int

    Tags: java, postgresql, hibernate
  • Can't seem to be able to move my objects using java 2017-08-31

    I seem to be unable to move any objects I bring into my class, my other classes seem to be functional when I set bounds, but not this one. I'm wondering why it isn't working and functionally like my other classes. Some of the bounds are extreme as th

    Tags: java

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